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How to Optimize Dota 2 Graphics and increase to 60 FPS!

Dota 2 Graphics

Other than connection problems and laggy graphics, It certainly became a big issue for some Dota 2 players. Playing a fast pace game like, surely we need to optimize for the best performance as much as possible without having graphics lag while playing. You can follow these few settings to optimize Dota 2 and lock it in 60 FPS ! Let’s take a look below!

Turn off Anti-Aliasing, V-Sync, Shadow and High water quality

In Dota 2, You can turn off these settings if you are experiencing lag. Mainly the Anti-Aliasing, V-Sync, Shadow and High water quality. Even with these set off, It will still look good. You should try it to improve your Dota 2 gameplay experience.

Use The Exclusive Fullscreen Mode – Dota 2

If you have ordinary RAM size, you can apply this setting. You can find it on the top left corner of the screen on the Dota 2 main page, then select the gear icon, it should bring you to the Video tab. On the Resolution tab, choose the advanced Settings. Apply the exclusive Full-screen Display Mode.

Use The Lowest Graphics Setting

To run Dota 2 even more smoothly, You can change to the lowest graphics setting. You can find it on the top left screen of the main page. On the rendering option, you can choose Fastest on Use Settings from the menu.

How to Optimize Dota 2 Graphics and increase to 60 FPS!

Adjust Set Launch Option On Steam Client – Dota 2

If it is still laggy. You can try the setting via the launch option on client Stream. To access it, you have to click on the right on the Steam, then select Properties, on the General menu, select Set Launch Option. There will be a small text box when you are done. The next step is to fill in (-high -dx9 -nod3d9ex -console -noaafonts -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -useforcedmparms -32bit) the text box.

Advanced Setting, Adjust Autoexec.Cfg

After you have applied those settings mentioned and you find that your game still can’t run very smoothly, you can change the setting on Autoexec.cfg. The location of the configuration file can be found on Steam address/ steamapps / common / beta / game / dota / cfg. After that, you can copy and paste the configuration tweaks from the Reddit thread that you can find it here >>  Performance tweaks for hardcore potatoes