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How to play Aatrox in the top lane with Death’s Dance

How to play Aatrox

Aatrox is one of the most powerful champions in the system of champions of the League of legends. In this article, we will learn together how to play Aatrox detail. 

Aatrox is one of the strong early game heroes with the ability to roam well with extremely high damage, but also comes with the ability to recover itself. In addition to the top lane, Aatrox can go both mid and jungle, no picky lane at all. 

If you are looking to learn some new champions and want to know how to play Aatrox effective way to prepare for the upcoming season, Aatrox will be an extremely suitable choice.


One of the criteria for you to know how to play Aatrox, players need to know the function of the summoner specialist. Our goal is a very strong Aatrox and has significant damage to plunge (and survive) between the enemy squad. 

Therefore, the selected super gem will be the Electrocute rune to combine with the Darkin (Q) demon sword skill. Next, you can choose Taste of Blood rune to add healing or Sudden Impact runes to maximize damage from Darkness (E) skill.

Next, you will have two options between Poro runes or Eyeball Collection runes depending on whether you want to control your vision or want to snowball more. Finally, you will choose the Ravenous Hunter rune to heal.

In the subsystem, you will choose the gems that support recovery like Second Wind rune and Revitalize rune. In the Jade Index, you will get Diamond Attack (+10 SMTU), Flexible Diamond (+10 SMTU), and Defense heart (+ 15-90 Health per level).


Because Darkin Blade (Q) of Aatrox is your main damage skill, it will be maximized first. At level 2, you will need Aatrox skill Internal Chain (E) for combos, which is also the next maxed upgrade skill to increase the ability to heal itself and allow you to surf more.

Aatrox skill Umbral Dash (W) will be maximized in the end, although this is a powerful skill, its effectiveness does not increase gradually with each level so you do not need to maximize it before other skills. World Ender (R) Aatrox skill ultimate has been upgraded at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Q + E first to reach and take the target into the knockout area, then you continue Q + E + Q to pull the target in the middle and activate the effect of Electrocute rune (and passive). If you’re not sure if Q can hit or the combo isn’t quick, you can start with E or even Speed Shift. If the target is able to escape, you can use additional W with basic attacks. When rushing into combat, you can turn the last move first and then start the combo.


With Aatrox, you can start with the Doran Sword (if you bring Burn and determine that you can win the lane) / Doran Shield (if you choose a relay gem and have a difficult deal) or even a Long Sword to rise to the Hammer Caulfield battle takes 10% cooldown.

Your goal will be to minimize cooldown reduction. There are two ways to build items depending on your preferences or current battle situation. If you want to be a frontline gladiator on the enemy team but still have a bit of resistance, you can go to Ghost Sword Youmuu> Black Ax> Streak’s Claws> Death Dance> Angel Armor with Ninja Shoes or Mercury Shoes.

If you want to be a little bit brighter, then Black Ax> Ghost Sword Youmuu> Draktharr Sword Blade> Dark Cloak> Angel Armor with Ninja Shoes or Mercury Shoes.