July 28, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Alchemist In The Carry Position



Alchemist is known as the money hacking machine in the game thanks to his ability to farm and make a lot of gold from his skill set. Although he has undergone many rebalancing nerf / buff tweaks, he still holds a certain place in games from novice to pro.

How To Play Alchemist – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Relatively stable lane, a strong recovery from Chemical Rage
  • The gold hacking machine in the game with Greevils Greed, one of the Carrys, always has a GPM over 600
  • The fastest attack speed when biting Chemical Rage in Dota
  • The ability to carry the team is super strong, and at the same time can save 1 item for the team thanks to the buff ability Aghanims Scepter


  • The power is extremely poor (low gain stats across all 3 categories) and this is enough to understand that you have to get items to compensate for.
  • Because of his danger, is the top target of being hunted
  • Extremely reliant on-farm for items, so if you ever do get hit, you know how pathetic it will be.
  • Depends a lot on Chemical Rage to be able to fight (if not, we have to wait for the cooldown to finish)

Skill Table For Alchemist


Greevils Greed and Acid Spray are Alche’s two main lane control skills with the main farm, so the priority is to raise parallel, Unstable Concoction just takes 1 point to have the early game disable used in some necessary situations, ultimate Get the right level.

  • Talent lv10: Prioritizes attack speed because Alchemist in normal mode still guarantees the amount of attack speed needed when farming or doing some communication contracts with the enemy team.
  • Talent lv15: 50 dmg extremely attractive, but if you like to wear durable, then take 350 health.
  • Talent lv20: 25% cleave will help you clear creeps better in late game because it naturally pulls late Acid Spray away from creeps no longer fast.
  • Talent lv25: when you want to tank the most buffalo in the neighborhood, get +30 regen for Chemical Rage, otherwise take the BAT reduction when you hit your Ulti, make sure the attack speed is no less than Gatling gun.

How To Play Alchemist


Early game

In the early laning stage of the game, you should be obedient last hit / denied, don’t be aggressive, don’t go too high lest roamer enemy comes out and ask about health then break your mouth. Try to farm the Bottle and Soul Ring as quickly as possible to increase your ability to farm money for Alchemist spam Acid Spray control lane with good farming.

Most of the time in the mid-game to the middle of the game you can not do many drums, just farm, if there is a fight, you will rush up to enjoy some exp and gold. When you reach level 6 and you are exhausted with mana, just boldly turn Chemical Rage to farm again, this ability has a pretty fast cooldown so you don’t have to worry a lot.

One thing to keep in mind during the match is the Unstable Concoction, although the stun is long and the damage is very strong, it can also be a double-edged sword if you use it indiscriminately until the enemy is out of sight. with the target to throw the jar, you will receive both damage and stun time 100%, use this move when vision is guaranteed, and let the enemy lose sight, take care of some secret place.

Mid game

Continue farming for Radiance and Boots of Travel. With these 2 items, Alche can farm 3 lanes of 2 jungle quickly while improving his running speed making it harder for him to be chased. After farming the next items, you can now pull Alchemist to fight, if you don’t like it, just push.

Remember to ask your teammates to have enough eyesight to ensure visibility to avoid being overturned by the crate. At this time, Alche’s mana and health are also much, adding a handy Boots of Travel that can quickly return to the blood pool, so you should limit spam Chemical Rage.

At this stage, Alchemist plowed money extremely fast so she could rush to the next core items soon and then started fighting with pushing the sugar repeatedly, lest he gets the report again.

Before entering the teamfight, sprinkle Acid Spray on the combat area to reduce enemy armor, and combine with Radiance’s DPS burn ability to make the enemy dry quickly (especially fragile supports), turned on Chemical Rage, got Unstable Concoction, threw in the face of someone who was easy to kill.

Late game

Continue to diagnose the status of the game so that you can make a decision to split push or go with team combat. If your team is weaker in total combat, then split push is best because it causes the opponent to panic and forces the enemy to cut everyone on def, create favorable conditions for your team to turn on the teamfight.

If your team has an advantage, just go with the whole team and bring down the enemy’s house as soon as possible, the night is long and dreamy, go in after the initiator set the fight, the squirrel Unstable Concoction threw it in the face. Those who do not have a bkb and then steam the victim’s match, after finishing the treatment, switch to another low on health, pay attention to ensure the vision while casting.

At this stage, if you keep the constant farming pace, Alchemist will be very rich, so in addition to accumulating 2k or more money to buyback, you should be compassionate and willing to do charity for the whole team by buffing Aghanim’s Scepter for them, especially initiators, nukers got the support of this item.