July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Ancient Apparition In The Positions Support, Roamer, Nuker

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition, known to be one of the heroes with a huge impact on the outcome of fights, by disabling enemy healing abilities

Guide To Play Ancient Apparition – Advantages / Disadvantages

Ancient Apparition


  • Strong in a single control, strong in damage and effects in large combat
  • Nuker on the late game is still very effective
  • Ability to detect terrain thanks to Ice Vortex’s vision (allows to track enemies in the dark)
  • Cold Feet puts a lot of pressure on brute heroes
  • Ice Blast’s healing is forbidden to stun extremely many heroes depending on healing.


  • Low on health, easy to die, always the first target
  • Cold Feet is easily disarmed without proper combos or teamplay
  • Fewer skills that deal large area damage (with Ice Blast but can not be used arbitrarily) -> difficult to def when creeps overflow.
  • Ice Blast is difficult to use and hard to hit without experience

Skill Table For Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition

With the change from version 7.07, Chilling Touch no longer slows allies attack speed, so in order to maximize team damage from the early stages we maxed this skill first, taking Cold Feet and Ice Vortex for a little slower and disabling will then be maxed at last. Ultimate got the right level

  • Talent level 10: 60 gold per minute is very profitable with 1 support roamer like Ancient Apparition, moreover at level 10, the game time is definitely still long, this point can be used to the maximum.
  • Talent lv15: 1-second reduction for Ice Vortex helps you spam more, but actually there is no excess mana spam, 20 health regeneration per second is different, it’s not different What you get free 1 Heart of Tarrasque.
  • Talent lv20: Take an increase of 80 damage for Chilling Touch, make sure your whole team gets to the punches, it hurts, let alone carry
  • Talent lv25: At this stage, you must have bought yourself an Aghanims Scepter, so it’s not too important to get 4% Kill Threshold for Ice Blast, take 4 charges for Cold Feet to lock the legs. The enemy team in teamfights to optimize the disable time

How To Play Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition

Early game

At the beginning of the game, start with laning with your carry or maybe holding the mid-tower to wait for a kill (provided you have to be at least level 3). Since the mana cost of AA skills is not small, the hero cannot spam the skills like other support heroes to make room for carrying farm. Instead, AA’s skill set is more about locking enemies and reducing their power thanks to teamwork, so when you hold Ancient Apparition keep in mind that this is not a peace-loving hero.

Every few minutes, switch the lane to mid to take a kill. It is more advantageous if your mid lane is a hero with a hard disable (long stun) or strong slow enough, which will prevent the enemy from escaping the frozen boundary of Cold Feet (of course a when frozen, it is easy to kill, Cold Feet has a long freeze time), when it gets into Chilling Touch’s range, buffs so that both the mid retard and himself hit and run. Remember to always use Cold Feet with Ice Vortex thanks to the skill’s slow, and when placing the slow, always put in front of the enemy’s movement to take as much time as possible.

Mid game

Mid game is the stage where you will have to pay more attention to the details on the map because Ice Blast has a full map range to help you contribute to damage and bad effects anywhere (even if you are eye plug).

This is a quite difficult skill and even pro gamers, even main AA players often fail, so Ice Blast not only needs practice but also needs a lot of luck. Accurate calculation of the speed of the ice ball, the radius of the expansion, the speed of the enemy is one of the factors needed to use Ice Blast. Note that this skill in every stage doesn’t necessarily try to hit as many heroes as possible, sometimes just hit the key heroes, for example, Carry with high lifesteal or self-healing. very annoying (Lifestealer, Alchemist, Wraith King…), the Tankers use healing (Abaddon, Undying), the heroes are dying …

Remember that Ice Vortex gives a small amount of visibility, but it is enough for you to spot suspicious locations (Roshan, hidden hills, in the nearby bushes). This ability has a very long cast range, allowing Ancient Apparition to scout from afar without fear of danger. During the teamfight, spread this skill mat as much as possible because it only has 4 seconds cd and lasts a long time. Magic damage amplification allows the Nukers to destroy the enemy lineup as well as additional damage to Chilling Touch.

Late game

While the other nukers significantly reduced their power late in the game, Ancient Apparition still maintained their strength. Ice Blast is still extremely scary, because of its ability to block HP from restoring (extremely annoying, sometimes able to block an entire big push). Cold Feet can be used to lock the chopped Carry, while AA’s teammates will benefit a lot with Chilling Touch (especially heroes with fast attack speed).

And everything just depends on your skills. The most important weapon in the late game is Ice Blast, please keep it carefully, avoid using it wastefully to def, KS. Without Ice Blast, chances are you will lose in regret.

In terms of buying back, AA doesn’t need too much gold, furniture doesn’t need much (just one Aghanims Scepter), so you just need to have gold to buyback is enough. Should buyback when you die without using ultimate, otherwise you can save gold to pay for other things (if the situation is critical, you should still BB as usual).