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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: How To Play Answer



Answer is a character that focuses on agile attack, using cunning movements, great stats, and unique settings to overwhelm his opponents.

Answer Overview


Though he has a great set of normal moves and a set of move options for most neutral situations where Answer really shines on attacks where he can put his opponents off Frustrated with great trap frames, safe pressure, and command taking. After defeating an opponent or finding some breathing room in a neutral position, he can set up his unique ninja rolls that he can cling to for even complex and even mixed mixes. is more mobile. With a tool for almost any situation, the business ninja is a great choice for players looking for strong footsteps and relentless plunge!

Answer Playstyle


He is a character-focused on the agile attack, using cunning movements, great stats, and unique settings to overwhelm his opponents.


  • Efficient neutrality: Strong neutral game with excellent slots and movement options.
  • YRC Canceling Pro: Extremely good use of YRC.
  • Super Jump: Super unique jump can avoid bad situations.
  • High-pressure games: Safe, long, and varied pressure using cards, gauges, and scrolls. A great option to end this in the corner.
  • Carry: An excellent throw/throw game through the use of a take (623K) command that can take a full corner.
  • Air presence: Robust air resistance and excellent flight range for his speed.
  • Solid Oki: Can force unpredictable situations into kills; a lot of flexibility in its okizeme. DP safe meats can be established in a number of ways.
  • Reversal: Single reversal may be difficult for some characters.


  • Ninja’s Gauges Bad: Very watch-hungry and often struggles to maintain the meter.
  • Lack of Gap Closers: Can fight against defensive neutrals, especially without resources.
  • Blitz Shield Difficulty: Having considerable difficulty fighting a blitz. Often a quick bait.
  • Low damage without a clock: Has low damage and is hard to take down on most attacks without coils or 50% meters to RC.
  • Combination Structure Trust in the opponent: His ability to reach combos and setups varies greatly depending on the match, leaving him somewhat inconsistent.
  • Difficult to learn: The relatively high execution barrier combined with a difficult-to-deal control scheme requires you to learn some counterintuitive workarounds.

Answer Scroll Formations

he can set the scrolls on the screen that he can jump to, then do one of the following actions. This is where much of his ability to create terrifying blends and traps come from. You have different configurations so that the scroll can appear (by doing 214P / K / S / H). When they are on the screen, they stay on until they are moved up or after a certain amount of time.

Scrolls also give Answer some invulnerability, so you can get rid of some Oki with the right 22P mode when waking up when you’re resting under the scroll. Also, from the roll, your dash (sD) allows you to do every other option with the other sD, allowing for mixing and pressure after doing sD. Coarse roll portability is also not ignored; it gives him more scope than you might think.

Special Moves      

Business Ninpo


Throw good range cards to leave cards underground, which can then be used for other special items. Version H goes further than version S. A card still shows up even if Roman is immediately Canceled. The card has no animation, it only appears on the ground with an instant hitbox within throw distance. YRC’ing instant cards can be a good way to initiate close range landing combos from afar or to reset pressure. Having the put tag is also a necessary way to convert random jabs into full roll combos or maintain pressure by using the replica summoning tracking extensively. The K preset and coils form the basis for his long and oppressive block chains.

Under the Rug

He reappears behind the mat and reappears on top of the card S or H respectively. If there are no cards on the ground, he reappears on the spot. Has a recovery time that is said to be short compared to animation (animation may be canceled). Mainly used for maintaining good position/dodge on screen, or sometimes as a long-range punishment opportunity by restoring YRC, similar to Chipp’s K teleport. Remember which card is which card.

Under the Bus

He summons a clone that attacks from above and out of the ground from the position of the respective S or H card. As mentioned before, this is an essential combination, neutral, and pressure tool. Get used to memorizing which card is which card and comfortably incorporate into this card from 5H.

As of 2.10, if the opponent is within a certain distance from where the clone will be summoned, the clone will appear at the opponent’s location.

Savvy Ninpo

Request for Approval

The reply summons two scrolls in the positions indicated by the figure on the left. These scrolls are one of the core ingredients in his playstyle and are used in his best combos.

Seal of Approval

He clings to a roll of paper for him to make multiple moves. Answer will not cling to the scroll if one direction is being held. Pressing down twice will cancel the scroll grip.

Data Logging

The move is similar to the 22P except it is performed directly from the roll or D roll. Another property other than the standard 22P is that he is moved just above the opponent for the dropkick.

Down the Ladder

He kicked straight down to his place. Brings an opponent to the ground on hit, allowing oki to finish an aerial combo. Also required for movement and pressure, is the default option after s6D is blocked to maintain a secure block chain or frame.

Stepping Down

He teleports directly to the ground below him and then slides the kicks towards the opponent.

Into My Office

Answer lunged forward a small distance and took a big swipe in front of him.

Safety Net

Replies dash for a long distance in the direction being kept. If no direction is held, he moves to the nearest scroll. All other specific moves can be taken from this lunge.

Tax Write-off

He grabbed the opponent, kicked them into the air, and Izuna descended after them.

Data Logging

A Frame 1 Counter. When successful, Answer falls from the sky similar to his scroll> k. Causes Aerial to allow him to cling to low coils or dodge low-range attacks.

Answer Resshou


Respond quickly leaps forward and performs an attack if he makes contact with an opponent (the hitbox only appears if he runs into the opponent; otherwise, he recovers very quickly). It’s a very strong pick simply for movement, as his dash is not good, used to the extent that the palm strike won’t connect. This is one of the main uses for it besides combos.

There is a risk of the following pressure in the block chain and essentially invalid for the majority of characters, as you are -1 on the normal block (-4 and therefore punishable on the IB) and stay Close range without the RPS really involved. In the block chain, only use it as a final frame in case you want the potential reward to be higher than the non-YRC card frame pack (remember, you can link 5P on the counterhit).