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How to play Astra, the new controller agent in Valorant


Astra is Valorant’s newest controller agent. Her abilities bring an incredible level of utility, out of this world to tactical shooters that will definitely change the game in the coming weeks.

There is a lot to learn from acting as this agent, let alone master her. But you don’t need a galactic brain to master with her, just this helpful guide.

Astral Form


The core basis of all abilities of Astra comes from her Astral Form, where she switches to a top-down view of the map and can go anywhere to take down the Stars above. any flat surface. Stars are what allows her to use her practical abilities, and this is where she differs from many other agents.

You don’t buy her abilities separately at the start of a round, instead, you buy a Star with 200 credits per round, but you start with two free Stars per round. This really gives you a lot of flexibility and plenty of options when using her abilities, which we will discuss below.

In Astral form, your body stays in place while your form moves around the map. Your body cannot be hurt while in Spirit form, and taking damage will save you from it. You can place your Stars anywhere around the map while in Spirit form, allowing you to place the gadget on one side of the map even when you are defending or attacking others.

How to use Stars of Astra


After placing a Star, you can choose one of three abilities to use: Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Nebula. The Gravity Well pulls any player into the middle of the well before exploding, leaving captured players vulnerable. Nova Pulse is a shocking attack, disorienting the player for five seconds. The nebula is smoke that lasts for 15 seconds.

When a round starts, you can use a Gravity Well, a Nova Pulse, and/or two Spirits, if you have enough stars. But each skill has a reset timer of 10 seconds after use, allowing you to cast it multiple times in a set. If you have up to five Stars, you can use it on 5 smoke, 5 gravity wells, or 5 shock pulses in one ring if you want, or a combination of all three.

Alternatively, you can recall a Star after you set it if you don’t want to use it. When recalled, it briefly deploys a pseudo Nebula lasting a few seconds before returning.

Ultimate – Cosmic Divide

Once your ultimate is charged, you can use the Cosmic Divide ability of Astra. Go to Astral Form, right-click to switch to Cosmic Divider, then left-click twice to specify the direction you want the Cosmic Divider wall to go. The Cosmic Divider wall is an infinite wall that blocks bullets and reduces sound. Players can penetrate walls, but their ammo cannot.

Playing as Astra


The abilities of Astra are an out-of-world combination of many other agent abilities, and with her Astral Form, she can literally place them anywhere on the map. This gives her a lot of flexibility as an Attacker and Guardian.

On the Attacking side, she can pull out two points while knocking down one defender elsewhere and gravity pushes the other out of cover, all at the same time. With two Free Stars per round and each additional Star costing just 200 credits, she can perform this four-skill attack from the very first round.

Also, she needs to be in Spirit form to activate the Stars while they are on the ground, so she doesn’t need to step back while the team pushes. This also means she can hold the angle with her gun while defending a sharp tree and can deploy her ability at any time after the Stars are placed.

On Defense, her flexibility would be an insurmountable pain for the Attackers. Because each skill has a reset timer, theoretically, she can only suck the same point 5 times in a row in a round. It’s 75 seconds of continuous that the entry point can be sucked, in a lap that lasts only 100 seconds.