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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: How To Play Axl Low

Axl Low

Axl Low

Axl Low is a resident of Xrd. While his leash may make you think of Dhalsim’s limbs in Street Fighter, he also has some tools to pressurize opponents at close range. If you can react to (or predict) your opponent’s jumps, Axl is more than capable of tagging them with his prodigious opponents, some reaching more than half the screen (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical). Most of his air-to-air attacks can be easily converted into high-damage combos with multiple bursts of damage.

Axl Low Playstyle

Axl Low

Axl Low is a resident of Xrd. While his leash may remind you of Dhalsim’s limbs in Street Fighter, he has some tools to pressurize opponents at close range.


  • Long-term standards and specials.
  • Air Presence: Strong anti-air game resulting in massive damage and/or takedown.
  • Easy conversion: Switchability combines well, especially with gauges.
  • Rensen: a powerful neutral tool in the form of a cluster bullet could be YRC’d.
  • Benten: a complete reversal without a meter.


  • Standard slow: Standards and especially slow and situational.
  • Poor mobility: Poor mobility, especially in the air.
  • Believable Offenses: Offenses mainly include traps and very simple frame throws.
  • Ground damage: Low damage against opponents on the ground that do not have meters, even in corners.
  • Thin Defense: Health is well below average.

Special Moves

  • Sickle Flash (or “Rensengeki”, often abbreviated to “Rensen”): a three-shot long projectile that hits Axl Low as a character. It has a relatively fast start-up, a floor-to-reach hitbox, long-range, and fast travel times, making it a powerful tool for stopping any ground approach or harassment from a distance.
  • The Melody Chain (“Kyokusageki”): This is primarily used to catch opponents trying to jump over Rensen, but can also put them in an unfavorable aerial engineering situation after a hit.
  • Spinning Chain Strike (“Sensageki”): offers a more damage kill option.
  • Artemis Hunter: Also known as “Raieisageki”, or just Raimi. A jump cross attack added to the block.
  • Spindle Spinner: Also known as “Rashousen”. A long-range command (not an unstoppable attack) pulls an opponent to the ceiling and blasts them.
  • Heaven Can Wait: Axl’s primary air combo ender.
  • Sparrowhawk Stance: Also known as “Haitaka no Kamae”. Completely overhauled in Rev2, now Axl’s stance quickly turns into powerful full-screen attacks. Though weaker in pressure, the 2.1 changes have turned it into a solid full-screen prank tool.

Axl Low Instant Kill

Axl Low

Amphora Conflagration

Also known as “Kanamari Rekka”. Share its animation with Sickle Storm’s first hit.

The IK combo is a good choice if you meet all the conditions because Axl Low can be difficult to finish off opponents with low health due to dilated liver, and Sickle Storm (even explosive version) is not always can get the job done.

Common ways to incorporate into IK include:

  • Rensen-8 RC: Easy to install and land.
  • Throw RC, RC Counter, Rashousen RC: For safety when exploding.
  • TK Axl Bomber RC: Good method from aerial combos. Planes launch faster after you RC to land on the ground faster.
  • 5D-6: Only a practical 50-meter option, can be done between the screen and at the corner.
  • Blitz: Claim 62.5 meters. Make sure the enemy doesn’t have 25 as they can return fire.