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Apex Legends – How to play Bangalore in Apex Legends



Bangalore is a super female warrior with strong attack ability in her, in the following article we will together learn about how to play this hero.

She is an offensive character class, a super-soldier with extremely strong attack power in her that can apply to all tactics and including the ability to support extremely good teammates.

How To Play Bangalore In Apex Legends


There are 3 offensive characters in Apex Legends: Bangalore, Mirage and Warith, she is considered the most balanced, easier to play than the other 2 characters. Not only possessing a skill set that is convenient for her work, but also suitable for defense, teammate support, or even rescues.

If the team has this hero and Lifeline then surely the supportability of the team will be very good. She can be combined with many characters in the team.

Passive Skill – Double Time

Double Time is a skill activated when Bangalore is hit by someone, Double Time brings a lot faster movement than normal for her. Help her escape the enemy in a short time. Actually, she players in Apex Legends apply this skill in case of chasing enemies. If you encounter her and don’t want to attack, then run quickly and stand trying to shoot her because this skill will be activated instantly.

Bangalore ‘s Normal Skill – Smoke Launcher

  • Shortcut key: Q (default)

She will shoot out a smoke grenade that covers a certain area, she is initially equipped with 2 smoke pomegranates and can recover from time to time.

Smoke Launcher is the skill that makes the brand for Bangalore, this is a skill that has many uses when it helps to defend when an enemy enters and is also an attack when you approach the enemy. Rest assured that no one can see anyone in the smoke except you, which is a big advantage for her to attack the enemy and revive your teammates in the event of a fall.

Ultimate skill – Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder has the most widespread damage as well as the ultimate ability that can deal damage to the enemy. Basically she will call down dozens of missiles and damage the designated area if the enemy is in that area, it will definitely count up and Rolling Thunder is often used to solve the total team fights in Apex Legends.

Note When Playing Bangalore In Apex Legends

  • Double Time ability can be activated continuously, as long as Bangalore is hit.
  • The newly acquired Smoke Launcher skill will be used twice and will take a while to regain, each hit will yield one and a maximum of two.
  • Using Smoke Launcher rescues teammates when surrounded or attacked.
  • Use Smoke Launcher when having teammates who need to revive or yourself need to use blood, armor.
  • When successfully defeating an enemy, you should use Smoke Launcher before looting items.
  • After using Rolling Thunder, it will take a few seconds for the missile to hit the area you specify. However, it is very difficult to escape this skill.
  • Rolling Thunder can do damage to the user itself, of course, the damage received is not high.
  • Rolling Thunder has no effect on indoor and cave areas. Rolling Thunder will still call missiles but cannot penetrate terrain.