July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Batrider In The Offlaner Position


How To Play Batrider

Batrider is one of the offlane gods with extremely strong lane control, able to play on par with the opponent’s dual lane. Batrider used to rock in the professional arena until he was strongly nerfed in previous versions.

How To Play Batrider – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Stats starting and gain per level are quite high
  • The ability to cross the road, control the lane superclass with Sticky Napalm
  • Difficulty to death and extremely annoying with Firefly
  • Ultimate Flaming Lasso captures a core very effectively (penetrating magic resistance), helping to change the game’s outcome quickly


  • Short attack range compared to a long-range hero
  • Damage starting a little bit, poor animation
  • Because the core items required to have are Blink dagger and Force Staff occupy 2 items + shoe slots, the choice of items, later on, is quite limited.
  • Longing late game will significantly decrease the power

Skill Table For Batrider


Sticky Napalm and Firefly skills are very important in Batrider ‘s lane control so the beginning of the game will be raised in parallel, but after lv6, prioritize maximizing Sticky Napalm first to increase Bat’s damage output. Followed by Firefly to increase the duration of the effect time and the burn damage per second, Flamebreak takes 1 point at the beginning of the game to disable and interrupt the channeling spells of the enemy and maxed it eventually. Ultimate got the right level

  • Talent lv10: 5 armor is a long process of resistance in mid-game because this guy’s armor is like a crippled pants
  • Talent lv15: 2 seconds of extra health for Flamebreak will deal 4 more damage to the Sticky Napalm oil if you are well absorbed, but with swimming in the middle of the enemy team, choosing 300 health is a safe option. Best
  • Talent lv20: Blink dagger Force Staff closed, 50 extra movement speed (not to mention slow oil throws), takes 15% better cooldown reduction
  • Talent level 25: Firefly 8 seconds more to help trigger better spin, or reduce 13 seconds of recovery for Flamebreak will help you to deal pain damage every millimeter of your buttocks on enemies if taking the talent increases 2 seconds of damage before.

How To Play Batrider


Early game

When laning, you try to spam Sticky Napalm stack as much as possible on both minions and enemy heroes to increase the last hit / denied ability and delay the enemy, moreover when you get too many stacks from Sticky Napalm Bat on oil-soaked targets will be extremely horrible (especially 2 skills Firefly + Flamebreak, if the enemy gets too much oil and still won’t back down, just turn Firefly on to burn their ass, throws the Flamebreak to the target to bounce back so that you can continue to torment). Lepin’s 5 stacks at level 2 oil-soaked deal 75 more damage to the enemy each time Batrider attacks, not to mention Bat’s DPS skills.

This will make this debuff more dreadful, and 10 stacks … let’s count it yourself, the ad is really stupid (how big is the damage like Venomancer’s Ulti?) Mana when spamming. It’s best to have Enchanted Mango on hand and occasionally pull the courier to deliver mana regeneration items so you can exert pressure. Get more on the enemy lane

The Sticky Napalm also slows the speed of the enemy’s turn, so if they are soaked in oil and they still try to attack you, turn on the Firefly then move around above the target. You will see a very funny scene where the enemy will slowly turn around in your direction without being able to attack.

Mid game

At this stage, you should constantly gank with your teammates, this swing was born to hunt people, not AFK farming, and the farming stage is only early to mid game (and Bat’s farming ability is also slow but not very fast)

First of all, ask the support guy, roamer of the team to have full wards contact.

Try to farm 1 of 2 Force Staff and Blink dagger to improve Batrider ‘s ganking ability, then get rich and then cast 2 items.

When you go ganking in this stage, just pull out whichever is closest to you and catch (because in this stage the heroes do not have a clear power allocation) then together with your teammates finish the target as quickly as possible, catch the core the better the enemy hero, the better it can buy a Blink dagger or Force Staff, and start moving to capture the core hero of the enemy, beat them as much as possible so that they cannot raise their face.

Late game

At this stage, you should go with your team, do not go solo. Although Batrider ‘s strength in late-game has decreased, Flaming Lasso is still a powerful game-changing tool if you catch the enemy’s core and pull the team to accumulate damage to nearly ml of victims (late game losing a core is like losing 96.69% of the teamfight).

Try to get the most out of early and mid-game tricks to ensure visibility and keep asking your support team to fully watch out so that you still know the way to catch the enemy hero. Before the 2 teams are in the middle of the fight in this phase, try to spam the enemies with no bkb to limit their speed to the minimum, making it difficult for them to cover the team and then start to charge them in the face. It by all means: hitting hands, DPS from skill sets, using items.

Don’t forget the existence of the items you bought to be able to activate them in time.