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Apex Legends – How to play Bloodhound in Apex Legends

The eight unique characters in Apex Legends have their own unique set of skills, allowing you to try out different ways of playing. As the only recon class, Bloodhound makes a difference to the game, which is considered the team’s scout.

Tracker – Passive of Bloodhound


With Tracker, Bloodhound and his teammates can see traces on the screen for information about nearby enemies.

Although these traces only exist for a short time, they still tell you the moves of the enemies. He can track down to hunt and detect nearby enemies.

Eye of the Allfather – Q

His Eye of the Allfather gives players the ability to see enemies within a limited range. Eye of the Allfather marks enemies through walls, revealing their location at the time of Q to Bloodhound and his allies. If no enemies are found, players will receive a message on the screen indicating that no danger was found.

This technique has a 35-second cooldown, so players need to know how to use it wisely, such as when entering buildings or shrinking in the late game.

Beast of the Hunt – Ultimate of Bloodhound


Beast of the Hunt increases his movement speed and vision. Ultimate turns your color screen into black and white. His enemies’ insight will appear red, becoming more prominent.

His ultimate lasts for 35 seconds, but the preparation time is 1 second, so players need to be careful when using it during the battle to avoid being sneaked.

With the ability to see enemies through smoke, Bloodhound works great with Caustic or Bangalore – characters who can create smoke. He is also strong at back cover due to increased movement speed and improved vision after activating Beast of the Hunt.

Note When Playing Bloodhound In Apex Legends

The tracker only shows up for a certain amount of time, usually when a new enemy moves through.

The eye of the Allfather just announces an enemy if detected.

The eye of the Allfather just works in a certain area when used.

Beast of the Hunt isn’t immortal, users can still be defeated.

Beast of the Hunt can see rare items through the wall.

Beast of the Hunt only increases movement speed, does not increase his defense or attack.