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Detailed instructions on how to play Bloodseeker – Dota 2



This is a champion with good attack speed, ability to turn lanes neatly. Accompanied by Bloodseeker is also effective tree damage in team fights. Although a true assassin, his blood can help him stand firm in the teamfight. The ability to suck blood from physical damage has contributed to increasing the buffalo for him. He will not have to return home to heal much during the battle. This is truly a true predator possessing superior quality.

Advantages of a Ganker


As for this hero, he possesses many remarkable advantages. The following strengths can be mentioned about his appearance:

A very good skill to catch odd together with an effective activation skill set. For hunting, he proved not inferior to anyone. His speed and amount of damage are undeniable. If you hang out near his hunting ground, you will surely die.

Good base damage helps Bloodseeker have extremely good initial basic attack damage. His farming ability is also guaranteed to be good thanks to this advantage. Besides, he will not rely too much on items because of the hand damage advantage. Players only need to pay attention to their speed. That way you can both standard farm and skill release right.

This champion also possesses a good movement speed. Especially in the offlane Gank phase. He performs best in forest areas and camps. This predator will not tolerate any enemy champions that touch his jungle monster.

The great weakness of Bloodseeker


Everyone has their own weaknesses and so does Bloodseeker. He doesn’t have many advantages in team fights. There are also a few places that players need to pay attention, avoid being exploited by the enemy team such as:

He’s in the Mid game will need a lot of items because this hero only plays well in the Early game. If you do not enlist the farm you will be very easy to slip behind in front of allied heroes and enemy teams. Pay attention to making money from Ganking and jungling. If you have a chance to win, hit solo to earn more lives. He will be a strong warrior if he has enough items and the items to fulfill his potential.

He is very afraid of his long arm because his moves are short-handed. Good melee is sometimes harmful, if he is caught in melee the death rate will be very high. You should fight when really necessary. Avoid fighting the two enemies at the same time because if Stun, Slow, or Bound is difficult to live.

Bloodseeker also has just enough health. If he fights for too long, he’ll rely on his lifesteal to stay alive. You should not fight for too long, unfortunately facing the Shock damage hero will be easy to be back to the base. Ideally, you should choose the Ganker path for him, after Gank you should find a healing farm. This will be an effective way to sustain the champion in every stage. At the same time, you should turn the lane to avoid being caught.

Good tips to play with Bloodseeker

You should use the following few tips to play this champion well in every position in the team:

Use Blood Rite to open fights, reducing capture during fights. Blood Rite will create distance with the enemy champions, not to give him the advantage.

Increasing Thirst when reaching level 3 will help you increase your ability to Gank lane. It helps you increase maneuverability and damage to enemies. This is a passive skill characteristic of a predator.

Rupture should only be used for odd fights. When you detect weak enemies, you should activate this skill. Do not click R when the teamfight, the teamfight will become more confused with this skill.