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Valorant – How To Play Breach in Valorant

Valorant – How To Play Breach in Valorant

Valorant – How To Play Breach in Valorant

The breach is considered a tough character, capable of initiating heavy fighting in the game of Valorant. He possesses a kit of skills that can deal damage to enemies on a large scale.

He is a great leader in the face of a big push and on defense, he has plenty of tools to get the enemy to think carefully about the approach.

He is an extremely annoying agent when the walls are no longer an obstacle. His skill set is designed to deal damage and crowd control through walls and terrain, causing the enemy to flee or help teammates to capture important points.

Breach’s Aftershock skill

Valorant – How To Play Breach in Valorant

Breach fires an explosive that blasts the other side of the wall after a short delay, dealing AoE damage to all agents in its blast. The closer they are, the more they will be damaged.

It has a short latency so the opponent will have time to move away from it but you can anticipate this and force them to move at your will, close the corner and destroy them if you do not want to eat immediately an explosion.

Flashpoint skill

He fires off an active charge similar to Aftershock, but instead of a damaging explosion, it’s a flashbang that blinds all actors in its area.

It also has latency but activates much faster than Aftershock. The range is quite far so please take advantage of that.

Breach ’s Fault Line skill

Valorant – How To Play Breach in Valorant

He took out a device and used it to create a seismic explosion, stunning every player in the impact area.

You can hold the skill key to extend the impact distance, release the button to perform the skill.

Like other Breach capabilities, it can be transmitted over terrain using a map indicator.

Ultimate: Rolling Thunder skill

Like the Fault Line skill, Rolling Thunder unleashes a wider tremor that strongly affects disorientation but also dislodges the agents in its blast, knocking down anyone caught in it.

One of the best ultimate in the game and one of the reasons Breach was highly appreciated during alpha testing.

How To Play Breach in Valorant

Be sure to coordinate and contact your team before using your abilities. If not, that could be disastrous because you can have an effect on your allies, doing more harm than good.

Team up with a team that has good team fighting skills like Raze or Brimstone to close the corner and wipe out enemies quickly with ultimate.

Your ability indicators on the small map will show your skill range. You will also have yellow and red indicators to show whether you are in range or not.

Listen for signal sounds when you are on the defensive team. Breach is one of the few characters that can potentially interrupt enemy team bombing processes, take advantage of this.