July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How to play Brewmaster in position Ganker – Initiator



Brewmaster is a versatile Dota2 hero that can play in many different roles, but the most popular is still offlaner, solo mid initiator + semi-tank.

How To Play Brewmaster – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Possessing versatile properties while being able to push, tank, initiate also causes damage like a semi-carry
  • The ability to go solo in a stable lane
  • Do not need too many items to develop strength
  • Effective until late game if played properly


  • Difficult to play
  • Because of the high versatility, the strength is not equal to a certain role hero (like tanks, initiators, …)
  • Quite passive without ultimate
  • Poor mobility

Skill Table For Brewmaster


Thunderclap will, of course, be maximized first to get damage + slow to fight, sometimes spamming, at early levels you get Drunken Haze and Drunken Brawler 1 defense point each, after it depends on the situation, maxing 1 of these 2 abilities first (usually Drunken Brawler for sustained damage and evasion effect), ultimate takes the correct level

The skills of elemental bears are as follows:

1. Earth Bear: Hurl boulder Spell immunity Demolish Thunderclap (with Scepter)

2. Fire Bear: Permanent Immolation Drunken Brawler (with Scepter)

3. Storm Bear: Dispel magic Cyclone Wind walk Drunken Haze (with Scepter)

Talent lv10: take 200 health but if you want to build semi-carry after this, 30 damage is not less

Talent lv15: if your team lacks retention effect, you should take 3 seconds to slow the Thunderclap, ensuring the enemy moves. If you lack a tank, take 20% of your strong magic resistance.

Talent lv20: normally, Brewmaster ‘s 3 Spirits would be hard to die, so the health boost for some Spirits is just a situational point, if you meet an enemy team that inflicts strong damage, take this point, otherwise, beat straight. The 100-speed attack that whipped each other.

Talent level 25: Up to now, if your item is in a semi-carry direction, of course, it will take 15% of Drunken Brawler. If you are just a troublemaker in the teamfight, it reduces the cooldown of Primal split.

How To Play Brewmaster


Early game


  • Health: 1500/2250/3000
  • Mana: 400/500/600
  • Damage: 37-43 / 75-84 / 159-171
  • Attack range: melee
  • Armor: 5
  • Movement Speed: 325
  • Day / night vision: 1800/800
  • Attack speed starting: 1.35 second


  • Health: 1200/1200/1200
  • Mana: 0
  • Damage: 72-82 / 115-130 / 144-164
  • Attack range: melee
  • Armor: 0
  • Movement speed: 522
  • Day / night vision: 1800/800
  • Attack speed starting: 1.35 seconds


  • Health: 1000/1500/1900
  • Mana: 500/750/750
  • Damage: 37-43 / 75-84 / 159-171
  • Attack range: 600
  • Armor: 2
  • Movement Speed: 350
  • Day / night vision: 1800/800
  • Base attack speed: 1.5 seconds / shot

Early game: check the runes. If you can, you can earn some gold, otherwise, it’s ok. If the 2 teams like to be active, then invite a few more kids to fight for runes. Brewmaster has a huge advantage thanks to Thunderclap that deals wide area damage (damage is also called big) + slow speed and attack speed so it’s easy to kill. However, if you can’t get, don’t try to chase away the guy who is running away, just go back to the lane, greed is easy to get unpredictable consequences.

Your last hit/denied quite easily thanks to a pretty big damage base, and with Drunken Brawler, the lane and last hits for Brew are very easy even if the enemy is long-handed. You just need to tie the lane, you don’t have to force the lane to kill because at early levels reaching the enemy is very difficult for Brew. Farming to level 6 freely and then calculating the balance is not too late

Mid game

To mid-game, as you can see above there are 3 bears’ specifications. In addition to the nasty skill set, these 3 bears possess relatively large damage, so you should not consider it as Brewmaster ‘s extra skill set, these 3 bears can be considered as 3 different heroes, but 3 hits. 1 is not lame. This skill can be used to run, but it is best to limit this unless you can catch up to 2 3 dangerous attacks of the enemy.

Normally, you do the following moves close to knocking the Thunderclap, hit 1 hit to hit Drunken Brawler’s passive, then use ultimate to hit the target. Usually, if you want to kill any target, you will let the earth bear throw Hurl boulder rocks on the victims then drag all 3 gangs.

Do not forget the skill set of the other 2 bears (but actually there is each storm bear, the fire bear is completely passive): Wind walk gives bonus damage when used, Dispel magic to solve beneficial buffs on people. The target, Cyclone, holds the target or simply uses it on another kid to stop them from harassing you from rape the target.

When there is a Blink dagger, use it to approach the target then perform the above action. At this stage, remember to follow the Town portal scroll to reverse lane in time. At this stage, you should know the balance between farming and ganking to get the best amount of money and exp, prepare for the upcoming late game.

Late game

Late game is the time when you should go with the team, not split up.

Ultimate Primal split should be used while Brew is full of health because when reappears Brew will gain health at the time of the clone. If he is low on health, the clones are out and all but the combat has not ended yet, Brewmaster will be pretty useless after that.

You should pay attention to the following: Storm bear cyclone is an extremely disgusting target elimination skill (the fight is over for 6 seconds), you should use it on the dangerous guys of the enemy team to eliminate them, take advantage of the teamfight, and the ground bear has the skill of hurl boulder stoning, which is also very annoying and has a very long-range, is very useful to chase, or can throw rocks at Other targets to protect teammates.

If your team is heavily buffed, or the enemy uses a lot of summoning units, storm bear’s Dispel magic will be effective (except for high-level buffs like venom Ulti poisoning or Doom’s mine lock. Please solve it). The late game is so clearly defined.

Aghanims Scepter lets 3 bears use 3 Brew’s skills, you should also remember this to know how to use the skill.