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Apex Legends – How to play Caustic in Apex Legends

As a supportive character, Caustic can completely create real trouble with the amount of poison he owns. Step into the room and see a strange black crate, maybe you fell into his sights.

All of Caustic’s abilities can be said to be designed for map control when he can blind entire areas in poison mist, or throw several barrels of poisonous gas to take out opponents. unfortunately inhaled. Caustic ‘s true role is quite similar to that of a support champion when Nox can be used to lure enemies into key points or force them out of cover and fall right into the range of teammates.

Passive of Caustic – Nox Vision

How to play Caustic in Apex Legends

This ability allows Caustic to see through your own gas, providing a useful advantage when you fill up an area with gas, because enemies will have to find a way to see you, and you’ll be blessed. for the ability to see them easily.

Make the most of this passive by throwing Nox in front of the enemy or even in battle, so that can have a better position for yourself, and the enemy must find a way to escape. However, this gas also reduces the visibility of teammates, so let them know whenever they intend to launch skills and choose an appropriate time.

Tactical skill – Nox Gas Trap

How to play Caustic in Apex Legends

Nox Gas Trap allows him to place poisonous gas traps to kill enemies. These traps will be activated if the gun hits or enemies touch, you can put up to 6 air tanks. For a good trap strategy, pay attention to the following tips:

When you identify enemies who are loitering near your area, place them at the door or loot to create a “surprise”.

If your fight has a narrow distance, do not hesitate to spread these air tanks on the floor, they will work when the enemy is engrossed in searching for things to fight.

For locations where you don’t want the enemy to occupy, drop a few traps there, then defeating the enemy later will be extremely easy. If you place air tanks close to each other, the damage will increase.

In Apex Legends on PC, players use the Q key (default) to activate this skill.

Ultimate Skill – Nox Gas Grenade

This is Caustic ‘s strongest skill in Apex Legends on PC because it can turn a large area filled with gas and have high damage. Some notes when you use Nox Gas Grenade:

  • Used to trap targets in a bottleneck or a building. This skill is very suitable to lure enemies into the space to play solo.
  • You can attack enemies so they don’t have a chance to back up without worrying about being contaminated with gas!
  • In Apex Legends on PC, players use the Z key (default) to activate Nox Gas Grenade.

Note When Playing Caustic In Apex Legends

  • Nox Gas Trap can use up to 6 traps in the game, Caustic will place replacements in animal traps 7.
  • Nox Gas Trap can be used to block enemies.
  • Use the Nox Gas Trap to block the doors.
  • Teammates are not affected by any skills.
  • Players can recover Nox Gas Trap if not used. But the maximum product is only three pieces.
  • Nox Gas Grenade is a large area of effect skill but does not affect allies.
  • Nox Gas Grenade will still impact even if he is defeated.
  • Nox Gas Grenade can still be used in the case of Smoke Launcher.