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How To Play Centaur Warrunner As Tanker – Initiator

Centaur Warrunner

Centaur Warrunner

Centaur Warrunner is a tough tanker with simple but most aggressive gameplay in Dota 2 with the ability to tank super and have a high dashing ability to the enemy team.

How To Play Centaur Warrunner – Advantages / Disadvantages

Centaur Warrunner


  • A lot of health, strong skill and extremely annoying
  • Easy to play, initiate okay
  • The right items are relatively inexpensive
  • Stable strength, late-game can still treat the carry well


  • The lump is not maneuverable without ultimate, so it is easy to die
  • Spends a lot of health when using Double edge
  • Small brain, low mana pool, often severely lacking

Skill Table For Centaur Warrunner

Centaur Warrunner

Get 1 point Hoof stomp early game to have disables, then prioritize to maximize Double edge to get the source of damage (afraid to spend more blood in the build items will fix), 1 Return Return to counter the game The health is equal to the damage of the hands of the guys in the lane after you have maxed out Double Edge, you start to weigh the other 2 skills. If the enemy team has a lot of money-hungry fighters, just rush to max Return Return to counter the damage to their mouth, if there’s nothing special, max Hoof stomp to get more damage and stun duration to hate the mana cost of 130 all levels. of that skill. Ultimate takes the right level to still gank, fight or support teammates across the map

  • Level10 Talent increased from 10% Magic Resistance because Double edge bites a lot of health
  • Level 15 Talent: 75 damage hand is huge, but Centaur Warrunner ‘s attack speed is not very good, so please exemplify the 15% increase in Str damage for Return Return (75 damage will probably have guide Cen carry later) for you to play with)
  • Level 20 Talent: 20 Str, both strong and Return damage, and gain resistance from the perk
  • Level 25 Talent: Turn Return Return into the aura that works based on Cen’s Str, what do you think the whole enemy team doesn’t dare to use the basic attack on any creeps or your team heroes? But if I lack the disable, add 1.5 seconds to Hoof stomp.

How To Play Centaur Warrunner

Centaur Warrunner

Early game

At the beginning of the game, as usual, just check runes to earn some gold at the beginning of the game, if you meet the right teammates when fighting runes with the enemy you can get very good first blood thanks to the wide 2 seconds disable. At the end of the rune competition, you should return to your lane.

Basic laning is quite good because of the high hand damage, moreover, with increasing Return points and buying Stout shield, the enemy will be afraid to hit you with hand attacks, and spammy blood-forming skills, not all heroes. Excess mana to do this. You need to level up as soon as possible and buy yourself the basic items to fight in the mid-game.

Do you see that in Centaur Warrunner ‘s shoe selection there are Tranquil boots? When you want to speed up farming by spam Double edge, you can buy these shoes for farming or jungle. One trick for Tranquil Boots is that when you take off your shoes to hit the creeps, hit the shoe again, the shoes will not count cooldown, take advantage of this trick to ensure your healing.

Mid game

In mid-game, you and gankers go to gank more often, pass the jungle and lane to carry. Centaur Warrunner was born to fight, so farming would waste his potential, especially after acquiring a Blink dagger.

Cen’s combo is simple, use a Blink dagger to fly into Hoof stomp and then hit Double edge on the stunned fragile target, hit and hit, the enemy isn’t dead, then turn Stampede Stampede on to hit and repeat the combo. However, it is recommended that if you do not have a Hood of Defiance, do not spam Double Edge more than 2 times.

You can also save your teammates’ lives with Stampede if someone is being pursued by the enemy, especially the carry/nukers of the team. Don’t regret this mana and cooldown, it won’t be long, saving the lives of your teammates is the most important thing, keeping an eye out for the dynamic match can be turned on in time.

Stampede is a global skill, so you must also pay attention to the minimap to see if any teammates are in danger to turn on support, or simply turn on for the tough components of the team pursuing the enemy because of this skill.

Late game

This is the stage where Centaur Warrunner is most effective against the enemy team’s main physical damage heroes with the Return Return skill with a fairly high amount of Str available and from equipment. As a tanker cum initiator, going solo with Cen during this stage is extremely dangerous for your team squad, so if nothing is hot or your solo moves will definitely not affect.

To the team, any other solo moves are strictly forbidden. Combos are good from the mid-game, but you angle it so that you can stun the important heroes of the enemy team, this time you can spam Double Edge more comfortably than in the previous stage. For himself with a range of 1k5 gold or more in person to be able to buy back in time because Cen’s skill set recovers quickly, buying back does not affect his strength too much.