April 21, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Birdie



If you like characters who can grapple but don’t like some of their more complex moving inputs, Birdie is a perfect choice – he combines some grappler features with pepper combat moves. standard, making him a lot more balanced when taking on that kind of character. His unique V skills also give the opportunity to some fun games.

With a punk outfit and hopes of becoming the most rotten villain in the world, he is one of the playable characters in Street Fighter V. His attacks are mainly focused on the ones. head and chain.

How to Play as Birdie


Unlike other brawlers in the game; he does really well from long range, especially up against characters like M. Bison and Zangief with which you can easily bid your time. Against aggressive characters like Karin, Cammy and Laura; Banana Time and Drink Time are very effective.

As for characters like Dhalsim, Ryu, and F.A.N.G; You need to close the gap using the jump forwards and then next with the Hanging Chain, the EX Horns and other attacks. HK Bull Revenger is a good tool in a mirror match and also a good tool for jumping over fireballs.

Mid-range is the ideal range you should play by continuously applying pressure using your regular (s) and special (s). Please note that bowing HK can be very punishable for hitting and defending. You should not consider clearing fireballs with Hanging Chain.

In terms of air defense, Birdie has many moves like HK Hanging Chain, Bull Drop, MP hiding, and more. In addition, Banana Time can also be used to punish opponents who are jumping after they land.

At close range, his LK is the best structural move, not only can be combined with combos but can also be carried into full combos. As for throws, he has the ability to deal with them with either Killing Head or EX Killing Head.

Skills of Birdie

V-Skill: Break Time

Just tapping on the usual V-Trigger inputs, he would eat a donut, thereby filling his V-Trigger watch with some. If you press Back + MP / MK, he eats a banana, then throws the peel to the ground in front of him. The opponent can of course follow this.

Pressing Down + MP / MK key sees him pouring energy drinks down, he once again throws the can. The bullet can roll along the ground like a bullet with a low range. This can be used to force the opponent to block low or jump.

V-Trigger: Enjoy Time

He eats a pepper and turns an impressive red color. Most of his moves have the added advantages of being able to strike without a flinch, longer-range or much faster hand. He died in this mode.

Special Moves of Birdie


Bull Head

(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

He used his considerable size to make a nasty head blow. The punch button was used for scoping, with the light punch hitting directly in front of Birdie and the heavy punch having a quick forward dash. The EX version hits twice.

Bull Horn

(Hold Down Punch or Kick)

Hold down the punch or kick increases the Bull Horn feature, being able to take a hit when the button is released and see him perform a headshot into the sky. The EX version also goes sideways forward.

Hanging Chain

(Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

He tugged his chain to try to catch and grab his opponent. If you hold the kick button, you can delay the chain release and cancel the action with the punch button. The Light, Medium & EX versions of this move extend horizontally, while the Hard Punch version rises diagonally to pull down the jumping opponent.

Killing Head

(Half Circle Back + Punch)

He struggled with the opponent and rammed their heads several times, leading to a knockdown. There is also an EX version.

Bull Revenger

(Half Circle Back + Kick)

Birdie jumped into the air and crossed the screen, grabbing his opponent as he approached them. It’s basically a long-range snatch, with the jump at the top ideal for punishing those who carelessly throw bullets out or make fun of full screen. The button used determines the distance of the jump, with the heavy rock version reaching the opponent in full screen away.

Critical Art (Super) – Skip to my Chain

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)

Birdie rammed his enemy’s head at close range and then if it hit the ground, would take a devastating swing. Be sure to just do this at close range!