April 19, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Juri



Of all the characters added to the Street Fighter 4 series, Juri is probably the character that has caught the attention of fans the most. She’s back in Street Fighter 5 with the same brutal attitude as before but with an almost completely different action and almost imperceptible.

She is a character designed to dash down, face an opponent, and not give them any time to breathe. She has powerful tools for entry and exit, solid slit punches, and a V-Trigger in her right hand that boosts her power and makes her a one-touch deadly character – though This is balanced with special moves that have specific and limited utility and high performance.

Skills of Juri


V-Skill: Kasatsushu

Pressing and holding the V-Skill buttons will charge Kasatsushu, her V-Skill. When momentarily charged, releasing the buttons will plunge your opponent through them to kick them from behind. You can cancel the charge phase of a move by moving, meaning you can beat your opponent with it. This move has a ‘level’ of charge (most noticeable as the smoke swirling around her feet), and canceling the semi-charged version of the move will retain the charge, meaning you can cast it in one touch of the letter V-Button again.

At a long distance, the fully charged version of this move can also pass through fireballs, but it is quite active, so be careful when using it.

V-Trigger: Feng Shui Engine Type Alpha

Returning to her role as one of her moves in Street Fighter 4, her Feng Shui Engine watched her tear the eyepatch and unlock her true abilities. This means she can cancel all of her special moves together – and that applies to aerial attacks as well. Other attributes, such as her forward and back dash, have also been improved.

It is also worth noting that in this state, all Fuharenkyaku (Fireball Movement with Kick) appear to be ‘charged’ immediately without needing to be charged. Learn more about how that move works in the next section.

Special Moves of Juri


(Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

This move is a bit complicated, there are three significantly different variations. Each move opens the same way – Juri swings her legs up with a blast of energy. This is a useful tool for eliminating the fireball – arrive at the right moment and the small beam of energy in front of her kick will absorb the opponent’s projectile.

The light, medium, and heavy rock variations of this all have different effects, but they all come at a cost. Instead of charging like an electrically charged move, doing this one move will have she perform her fireball-absorbing kick – and that charges the version of that power. Performing the same strength again will perform the full version, increasing the power of the move.


(Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)

Her so-called ‘pinwheel’ in Street Fighter 4 is functionally gone but remains in it, a new contour for Juri. The button pressed determines the diagonal travel distance in the air and the upward direction of this spin kick and the number of hits. The lightweight rock version has the most utility in addition to the on-response keys, as it’s fast enough to have some add-ons combined. There is an EX version that works like a supported version of the heavy kick version.


(Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)

She jumps into the air and spins in mid-air, lowering her legs to her opponent. The button used determines this travel distance – light is the shortest distance, weighs almost full screen. Medium and heavy versions can be used for ballistic punishment if you are careful and reactive quickly, as the aerial jump is enough to dodge a fireball.

Critical Art (Super) – Sakkai Fuhazan

(Quarter Circle Backwards x2 + Kick)

Juri jumps up, flips her body, and flaps her legs down, thus creating a wave of ballistic energy that moves most of the screen but not completely on the screen.

If you do this super close-up, the rock part will actually connect and it will do more damage, although this can be done safely from a distance of 2/3 of the screen and comfortably. hit by bullets. The closer the bullet hits the ground after launching, the more damage it will deal. You will want to face your opponent before you show up.

Air Throw: Zankasen


(Light Punch + Light Kick near an airborne opponent)

Juri has an aerial pitch, which means if you meet your opponent in the air you can grab them and throw them to the ground like any other pitch.