April 19, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: How to play character Sub-Zero



Sub-Zero is a character with fast coordination, slow projectile, and great setup that will make any opponent difficult. We’re here to show you the basics and some of the good kombos you can do as a Sub-Zero. Due to the number of variations and moves you can make per character, we will only focus on the moves and combinations using his tournament variations: Dead of Winter and Thin Ice.

Important Basic Attacks of Sub-Zero


Axe Bash (Back, FP)

Axe Bash is a high attack with a good range. This move also results in a Frozen Over or shorter attack, the Icy Grave Kombo. You can even cancel immediately after the first hit on an Ice Ball or a Slide. Although it is safe to block, the movement can be narrowed down just below.

Double Axe Slam (Forward + BP)

Double Axe Slam is an attack from above that has a pretty fast start speed, large range, and is safe to block. You can also Cancel the special then go to Ice Ball or Slide to continue a Kombo.

Rising Axe (Back + BP)

Rising Axe allows Sub Zero to swing his ax upwards in a wide arc, tossing opponents into the air. It blocks safe and can lead to Juggle Kombo, especially if Ice Ball is used later.

Brutal Kick (Forward + BK)

With Brutal Kick, Sub-Zero runs fast and kicks the opponent. This is great for close combat, and the heavy damage is decent for one hit.

Important Kombo Attacks of Sub-Zero


Frozen Over (Back + FP, BK, FK)

Frozen Over’s launch has a large range due to the first attack and can also cancel the second attack. Then using his Slide or Cold Shoulder is a perfect move.

Final draw (Striker + BP, BK)

After a Double Ax strike, you continue with two unsafe quick kicks in the area. This move also activates Krushing if you Kounter or Punish your opponent’s attack.

Frosty (Back + FK, BP, FP)

Frosty is a fast-hitting Kombo that starts with a low hit. All moves are safe when blocked, and you can Special Cancel from the second hit on an Ice Ball or Speed ​​Slide.

Unchained (Back + BP, FP)

After Rising Axe, add an Axe Swing to deal extra damage. This is a great move for a quick juggling Kombo and it is guaranteed to hit the target after the Rising axe.

Unchained (Back + BP, FP)

After Rising Axe, add an Axe Swing to deal extra damage. This is a great move for a quick juggling Kombo and it is guaranteed to hit the target after the Rising ax.

New Threat (BP, FP, BP)

A regular 3-shot kombo knocks the opponent backward. Under normal circumstances, this can be a good move to use after the Ax of the Snake or the Ball of Ice. You can also Cancel Special on the second hit.

Cold Encounter (FP, BP, BK)

Another fast-hitting kombo also knocks the opponent back. While it is also possible to Special Remove from a second attack, you can also turn this move into Addiction Strike if the move is used in an 8 hit Kombo. So ideally, use it at the end of an association string.

Special Moves of Sub-Zero


(Back, Forward, FK)

The slide has a fast start, which can both attack high and defeat the opponent. If the opponent is throwing bullets, Sub-Zero can slide right below and punish the opponent. However, if you are blocked then the opponent can easily punish you. Ideally, it would be to confirm with a short Kombo or freeze the opponent first in this case.

Attack amplification will allow Sub-Zero to swap sides with opponents while dealing more damage. You can also trigger Krushing Blow here if it hits three times in a match. Sorry, it won’t let your Kombo follow, so use this at the end of the Kombo.

Cold Shoulder

(Back, Forward, FK)

Cold Shoulder replaces the Slide when using the Dead of Winter variant. It effectively pushes you forward and performs Mid Hit pushes the opponent backward. This works as a great Kombo-ender because the damage caused is decent.

When Amplified, the move becomes a hit with a 4 hit Kombo, so ideally you can use this at the end of a Kombo for extra damage.

Ice Ball – Sub-Zero

(Down, Forward, FP)

Ice Ball is slow-start ammo that can freeze opponents in place, allowing Sub-Zero to track with Kombo. Unfortunately, freezing your opponent will help you reduce a bit of damage to the Kombo right after that. It doesn’t take too much damage as long as you make an effective long Kombo.

Also, you cannot Kombo from one Ice Ball to another Kombo that ends with Ice Ball when they are blown back after the second projectile. Under normal circumstances, the opponent can punish you with a slow start. After two attacks like Chinese Ninja Warrior (FP, BP) or Frozen Tundra (BP, FP), you can freeze them and continue Kombo.

With the Dead of Winter variant, you can amplify Ice Ball to not only absorb bullets when it shoots, but also activate after attacks with too much cooldown such as Double Ax Slam (Forward + BP).

(Air) Polar Axe

(Down, Back, BP)

Starting with the Thin Ice variant is (Air) Polar Axe. The Air Polar Ax is a mid-range aerial ammo that deals decent damage. It can be used as a great defensive attack and will allow you to dodge projectiles if you jump accordingly. Alternatively, you can cancel a Kombo’s back punch on it.

Frigid Storm


(Down, Forward, BP)

Frigid Storm is a slow-launch projectile that fires a large ice structure while performing a Mid-Attack Attack. The boxers won’t be able to take a low hit under this, so it forces them to be hit or block it. Under normal circumstances, moving can be a good way if you just want to hone the people.

Death-Circle Barrage

(Down, Back, BP)

The Death-Circle Barrage is a series of 5-bullet slow-fire bullets with a limited range. Any targeted projectiles will stick to the opponent and will deal a bit of damage as they disappear, dealing additional freezing damage. Sub-Zero steps back while doing this so that it retreats quickly in neutral situations. The only downside is that you can’t do this in Full-Screen Mode, so you can’t use it as a remote inventory.