April 18, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Zangief



Although there are a few cool drawers in Street Fighter V, Zangief is the purest form of the character. All of his skills are geared towards opposing opponents so he can do great damage in a grapple. He is a character that requires patience and determination to win after taking damage while trying to close in.

How to Play as Zangief


Zangief has the ability to absorb a lot of damage, which is a sign that you take a risk when moving towards your opponent.

Not only does this character in Street Fighter V gain extra health, but his V-Trigger allows him to take these risks to a higher level. By taking extra damage, you will gain access to his Cyclone Laries V-Trigger much sooner.

With that said, although you will have less health than your opponent, but if you manage to corner him or her with the full V-Gauge at your disposal; You will have absolutely no difficulty in defeating your opponents and winning the round for yourself!

Skills of Zangief

V-Skill: Iron Muscle

He flexes and turns red – and in the process, it becomes impregnable to several attacks, similar to the way Street Fighter IV’s focus attack works. If you hold the buttons and press forward on the bar, he will threaten to stomp forward in this pose. When relaxed, a flexural muscle will hit an opponent if they are close enough.

V-Trigger: Cyclone Lariat

Special Moves of Zangief


Screw Pile Driver

(Full 360 Degree Turn + Punch)

Zangief reached into a brutal grapple, lifted the opponent up high, and piled them up. One important thing to understand about this move is that the button pressed determines both the scope and strength of the piledriver. Piledriver Light Punch is easier to land because grappling has a greater range, but it also deals less damage. A heavy-punched version requires you to actually face your opponent to land but does more damage. There’s also an EX version, which is the best of the three.

Double Lariat

(All Three Punches)

He spins in a high-speed spinning lariat and can knock opponents out of the air or hit them while standing. Holding the club in one direction while doing this will also slowly move him in that direction. The fireball will also pass through him when he performs this move.

Siberian Express

(Half Circle Back + Kick)

He stomped on the enemy to hug the bears, and if he caught them, he would turn them up in the air and knock them down in a brawl. The button used determines how far he can go before he starts to pick up, which is very important as the move leaves him completely open.

Borscht Dynamite

(While Airborne: Full 360 Degree Turn + Punch)

This new move by Zangief is essentially an air version of the screwdriver. If your opponent clearly sees when they’re going to jump, then this move is perfect – jump up to them and do this and you will take them down and deal a sore amount of damage. Note, however: this is only possible when jumping upright or forward – if you’re backing up, you can’t do this.

Critical Art (Super) – Bolshoi Russian Suplex

(Full 360 Degree Turn x2 + Punch)

Zangief grabs his opponent in such a messy, powerful, and painful situation that it actually breaks the floor of the stage you’re on – yes, even specific matches! This move of course has to be done up close and personal. A lot of beginners find the easiest way to do this is to step away from a jump, but with practice, you can do it without jumping.