April 22, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Zeku



Zeku is a video game character in the Street Fighter series, making his debut in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as an unplayable character before making his first playable appearance as The final warrior in the second DLC installment of Street Fighter V. He was the 38th grandmaster of the Bushinryu Ninjutsu school. After being succeeded by his pupil Guy, he began a journey of self-discovery.

The fighting style of Zeku


Zeku uses Bushinryu Ninjutsu to fight. Bushinryu’s 38th most notable successor, he is a very well versed and skilled master ninja, a career that is considered to have brought Bushinryu back to its former glory since the tiring days of the New Age Meiji; along with incorporating indispensable aspects like Taijutsu and melee to recreate the school’s very own martial art, he is extremely fluent and studies the dynamics and techniques of his fighting style to He is equipped for many situations and encounters.

Moveset of Zeku

His moves are similar to other Street Fighter ninja-like Vega, Guy, and Ibuki. He can also transform into his younger self using his V-Skill or the drop-down motion.

His young and old form factor is almost completely different. Zeku fights using a new combat style in his old form, combining moves from Bushinryu with his new techniques. His new fighting style focuses on a mid-to-long-range game, relying on special ranged moves that function like slot poking.

Although his special moves are in their old form that serves as fireball type functions, they are very different from standard fireballs, in their long-range instantaneous shock waveform rather than travel bullets. However, his combos tend to repel his opponents a great distance and thus he lacks good awakening pressure options.

His movement at a young age closely resembles Guy’s movement in Alpha and Street Fighter IV games, focusing on Bushinryu techniques. In his young form, he adopts a close-range, closer combat style, using a target combo and a rush mix similar to Guy.

His first V-Trigger was Bushinryu Shingekiko, he had access to a quick dash that could be tracked with string benchmarks together and finished with a hit or kick depending on the form. The final strike is safe in the block and can be canceled in the CA. His second V-Trigger is Karura Tenzan, an air defense attack that can be canceled from special items and causes Zeku to fling the opponent up then perform some attacks on them and land back. re-ground in a different shape. It can be done twice.



Zeku is the Bushinryu Ninjutsu school’s 38th successor. He becomes a Grandmaster after defeating his old mentor Genryusai but refuses to kill him as Bushinryu commanded because he considers him a father. Although Genryusai mainly focused on Ninjutsu, he improved his style by incorporating many Taijutsu techniques into it.

At a later age, he soon found the time to find a successor to Bushinryu. During a patrol in an undisclosed US city, he discovered a young man caught in a gang fight. Seeing the young man frantically fighting but with a strong spirit, he intervened and destroyed the gang that ambushed him.

Telling him that he saw great potential, and the boy amazed by the display of his skills and lightning-fast powers, he then extended his hand to invite him to teach him. We are Bushinryu’s way. Introducing himself, that boy would tell him his name was Guy, and since then he has made him the next Bushinryu successor.