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Dota 2: How to play Chen offlane position 3

Chen Offlane

Chen Offlane

In this article, rather than support breaking the game, you’ll currently be the core. In this section, we are going to talk about traditional support heroes becoming core. Chen Offlane has been around for a while and it’s not a new idea. But recently, Chen has extremely high win rates. In this article, we will analyze Chen in offlane position 3 and see if this play is feasible.

Professional arena

 Chen Offlane

In the pro arena, 33 was the first person to create the way of playing position 3. 33 is famous for micro heroes and no hero needs micro as much as Chen. 33 is also an offlane player so letting 33 hold Chen in the offlane can be considered an inexpensive formula.

In recent matches, the Alliance used Chen offlane at the MDL Chengdu Major. In the opening match of the group stage, the team picked Chen for 33 and they won that game. Next, Alliance picked Chen in game one of the first round of playoffs. ALliance won that game and then TNC Predator gave Chen the primary in the rest of the series.

Chen was later on banned in the first round of picks/picks when teams encountered Alliance for the remainder of the tournament before the Alliance was eliminated in the third round of the losing bracket.

Chen is a popular picked hero in the pro arena mainly as a support position. What Alliance and 33 have shown is that Chen can be an effective offlaner if players know how to play this hero.

Chen offlane – In Pub

In Ancient rank, Chen won at 54.28% with a pick rate of 0.61%, reaching rank 6.

Of course, these numbers can also be interpreted as Chen playing in position 4 instead of 3, but if Chen is played in support, the probability is support 5.

Have we ever seen a hero with a 59.04% win rate in any lane? This number’s too high and it’s found in Chen offlane. Therefore, it’s worth considering this hero as well as the role of the offlaner.

How To Play Chen Offlane

 Chen Offlane

Chen position 3 shone at the beginning of the game and took advantage of that going to the end of the game.

At level 1, you can control your opponent’s ranged creeps or jungle creeps to take advantage of last hits. You also have a healing regimen, which is always useful during the laning section.

Chen also levels up faster than support, so you can control neutral creeps like Centaur Conqueror before the first 10 minutes. If many creeps are obtained, the opponent can face great problems in the early game. A couple of seconds of AoE stun have a big impact on each stage of the game, especially early in the game.

Chen Offlane can even farm stack ancient creeps better than most carry heroes. If you have heaps of high-level neutral creeps and Vladimir’s Offering for lifesteal, you’ll eat many ancient stack yards easily.

When talking about offlane heroes, most players think it’ll be a hero who can take hits and open combat. Chen also brought it however in a different direction. Centaur creeps will initiate fights and take damage, while Chen stands behind and summons allies, or is willing to heal/slow down. In this way, Chen fulfills the traditional role of an offlaner, except he doesn’t take himself out.

This works well for the mid and late game. Centaur and Satyr cannot hold items, in order that they aren’t as strong as heroes later. You must move to Aghanim’s Scepter and management Ancient to creep yourself strong towards the end of the game.