August 3, 2021


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How To Play Crystal Maiden As A Support Mage, Roaming And AP

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden

The beautiful ice mage Crystal Maiden is one of the famous supports of Dota 2, able to support champions on the same team with an abundant amount of mana and icy skill sets that deal great damage in fights.

How To Play Crystal Maiden – Advantages / Disadvantages

 Crystal Maiden


  • A portable mana pool for your team with Arcane Aura
  • Frost Bite helps harass, gank lane and make money for CM very effectively early
  • Freezing Field does very large area damage used to turn the situation around
  • The full-band skillset slows down and hinders the combat ability of enemies who need speed and mobility


  • Low on health, no running skills, so it is the target of attracting enemy attacks
  • Always have leg tendons in each version leading to running speed like crawling
  • The support is not farmed but still has to spend money to buy wards -> there is no money to buy other items for himself.
  • Easy to play, but to guarantee your role it is very frustrating

Skill Table For Crystal Maiden

 Crystal Maiden

Crystal Nova is a skill that deals damage on a large scale with medium damage and slow, used to do very good KS but only need to take 1 point in guide support. The maximum stack for 2 skills Arcane Aura and Frost Bite, Arcane Aura needs to go up early to give your teammates a rich source of mana regeneration for continuous combat and support heroes “small brains”. Freezing Field is at the correct level

  • Talent lv10: take 200 health for strong, this child is quite fragile, so it is necessary to add calcium to increase bone stiffness. CM’s ability cast range isn’t small so he can ignore +100’s range
  • Talent lv15: CM’s skill set is quite consuming even if you have maxed Arcane Aura, plus Crystal Maiden always buy Tranquil boots instead of other shoes, so taking 14% off mana consumption will help this sister. use more skills. But if you get to lv15 early, it doesn’t matter if you get a gold tank to cover a difficult life
  • Talent lv20: so many swallows, 250 attack speed is too great for CM, but slowly, the guide name is guide support, get +60 dmg for Freezing Field stop it
  • Talent lv25: take 300 damage to Crystal Nova to deal wide area damage to clear creeps and steal enemy health, and lock Frost Bite for 1.5 seconds? Buying Aghanims Scepter to support his Ulti is a thousand times more than that. But meeting players bkb, manta or clone is also quite disabled with this talent point.

How To Play Crystal Maiden

 Crystal Maiden

Early game

If built as a real core caster, our Crystal Maiden (CM) is still very strong. However, her effect in the game comes from Arcane Aura, which turns her into a portable clarity tank so that as long as you maintain it in battle the whole team will gain considerable efficiency, and thus The power of other skills was gradually ignored.

Frost Bite is one of the very effective skills in the early stages. Just 1 point, you can hold the enemy hero in 1.5 seconds, this number is quite significant in the early game when you have to accumulate points for Arcane Aura. Damage is also quite good and can spam the enemy to harass, you do not have to worry about mana because Arcane Aura gives you many times more effective than your teammates enjoy.

In addition, when you need some money to buy shoes, wards, CM can move into the forest and use this skill on large monsters. Although it has a much shorter freeze duration on Hero and increases with level, Frost Bite always freezes monsters for 10 seconds. The constant damage at all levels is 50 every 0.5 seconds, so right at level 1 this skill deals 1000 damage to monsters and that helps CM to kill large monsters at level 1.

Mid game

Your job in this phase is to continue the realm of the critical areas and the farm spaces of the carrier with the Observer ward / Sentry ward. Accept some of the Observer ward counterattacks, this going on regularly will trigger a fight at the spot location and that’s what we aim for.

Now you have Freezing Field, but this skill is relatively difficult to use, especially when the enemy team is overflowing with wide-area stun heroes. Save this skill when the enemy has exhausted all-important stun skills, this is one of the most powerful forms of damage ultimate in Dota but requires CM to stay in the middle of the fight.

To be able to use this skill more smoothly, you should have yourself a Glimmer Cape or Black King Bar because CM will become the top target when using Freezing Field. Note also that you are just a support hero capable of backing up battles, not the initiator so don’t rush in first, wait for the Initiators to do it.

Late game

Unlike many other late-game supports that have slowly lost their power, Crystal Maiden still plays a very important role in the fights against Freezing Field. Combined with furniture, Freezing Field is really a tool to damage and divide the enemy team effectively, helping to prolong the situation in difficult situations. This is the only skill that still has a significant advantage for the team so using it incorrectly will cause you to lose bitterly.

Actually you don’t need much equipment, because as support you should not farm with carrying and solo mid, gold will also be earned mainly from killing heroes, which is reliable gold so they will not be affected. lost when dead. Just leave a little late, and you’ll always have buyback money to support your teammates.