July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Dark Seer In The Jungle – Tanker – Initiator Position

Dark Seer

Dark Seer

Dark Seer is one of the great teamfight setup heroes in Dota but doesn’t need to farm too much gear, is suitable for many different lineups, and is very popular in professional play.

How To Play Dark Seer – Advantages / Disadvantages

Dark Seer


  • Easy to farm, farm fast, and can farm the jungle right from level 1 with Ion Shield
  • The versatile skill set can both support a single target with Surge and can perform total combat with Vacuum
  • Strictly control the gold-earning vegans who have big hand damage thanks to Wall of replica


  • The early game is really hard to live because leveling up is needed to power up skills
  • It looks easy to play, easy to farm, but difficult to play effectively
  • Is an initiator depends on 96.69% of teammates coming back the late game to deal damage

Skill Table For Dark Seer

Dark Seer

Ion Shell is the main farming tool of the Dark Seer, so it is immediately taken to level 1 and max first, Surge and Vacuum are also important, but with the nature of the game not much combat, Vacuum only needs to get 1 point initially then practice. mid-max 2nd Surge. Ultimate Wall of the replica at the beginning of the game was also ineffective so at level6 there was no need to lift, after maxing Surge and Ion Shell we started to increase the ultimate score at level 11 and get the right level at the rest of the ranks.

  • Talent lv10: Let’s just take 90 damage and punch for pain, 12% magic resistance.
  • Talent lv15: take 12 points of healing per second because DS needs to roll in the middle of the battle, moreover this point ensures that DS’s health is always recovered quickly, saving the regen to participate in long ganks.
  • Talent lv20: getting the talent to turn Surge into an AoE skill to help the team accelerate when fighting.
  • Talent lv25: hard then take +150 dmg for Ion Shell and kill the unfortunate victims. And the point of adding a parallel wall sounds pitiful, but only one talent point in situations.

How To Play Dark Seer

Dark Seer

Early game

The way to jungle mainly takes damage from the skill Ion Shield of Dark Seer, to use it effectively and save your health the most, you should start with small or medium camps, continuously buffing Ion Shell on the monster. Then tickles hit & run to kill all a lot of health monsters first then get a little health. This is the same for large camps after you have reached a higher level of Ion Shell.

Take advantage of stacked up to 1 more large camp for additional farming later, do not forget to call for Iron Talon to pull the health of thick-health monsters to farm for faster and longer to roll your eyes to observe the minimap because if you do not see where you are, the enemy will definitely send people to the forest to exchange and ask about your health.

At this stage, just farm and farm, if the lane changes you can go out to lick and earn some more money, just buff Ion Shell and then speed with Surge to run and burn the victim, but do not abuse this game because if the opponent has support from another lane or has entered the tower, do not be eager to follow or kill the farm.

Forgetting this game, Vacuum can suck the opponent into stuck corners, take advantage of this to “play dirty” with the enemy, especially at high levels Vacuum has a very large radius, if you are skillful quickly. and have a favorable location, you can easily suck a bunch of champions in the hills or steep hills to escape or torture your team, or just leave them there for … ie play And your team went all over the lane to push without having any resistance.

Mid game

Just sitting in the jungle a little longer is fine, but you should fight as soon as possible. You have a wide range of skills that have a great influence on teamfights, right now the Dark Seer needs to create an advantage for its teammates.

Buff Ion Shells to melee specialists or Tankers, possibly friends, then use Vacuum to collect enemies in the position of the ion Shell buffed target or collect them to pull the enemy through Wall of the replica. With chaos clashes you will get some additional illusion spawned by Wall of replica, use this illusion source to increase the damage done in each teamfight. Later, your illusion becomes stronger and stronger after the enemy, especially when you get Aghanims Scepter, this is a powerful weapon that helps you get the opponent’s power to fight them.

Put Wall of the replica at the heart of the fight. When the def raise the wall in front of the tower to “scare” their spirit.

How to use Surge is too simple. In solo chase buffs for carries with high hand damage to quickly shorten the kill distance, or to Gankers with superior strength. Buff on dying teammates or yourself to quickly escape.

Late game

There’s nothing much to say, until now, everyone has to go together. Unfortunately, creeps to earn extra income, winning is the most important goal. With a total combat formation, Dark Seer is an indispensable component.

Get out your hand first to create momentum for your teammates to follow (like Initiator), go up the ranks of melee Tankers, and carries. At this time, your two most effective skills are Vacuum and Wall of replica, your Ulti Wall of the replica will now have a very scary effect. For example, the carry super damage hands, which bring wide destruction of the enemy through this wall (like Sven, Tiny, Phantom Assassin with Fury, etc.) is a real nightmare, if you have The Scepter Upgrade, the illusions are even stronger than the originals, they will bring the mirrored power to sweep back to their formation. Therefore, DS is sometimes a counter pick for a lineup of many strong carries.

The vacuum has the opposite effect, of course, in the sense that it provides support for heroes with great destructive power in their team. With just 1 hit of the correct Vacuum, the above heroes can do heavy damage after just a few hits of hand damage. The most important thing is to know how to seize the opportunity to create good teamfights to help win quickly or even turn over quickly.