July 28, 2021


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How To Play Dazzle Dota 2 Support Most Efficiently



In this new meta, besides the strong traditional supports that many people choose such as Warlock or Naga Siren, Dazzle is the new factor that becomes the current hot pick support champion with strong Carry support and protection. However, how to play this hero is not simple at all, so playing him in support position so that the effect is the simplest, please refer to this article.

How to play Dazzle Dota 2 is based on the skillset


Poison Touch: this is a skill that helps him have the ability to spam the game well, with the damage is done is quite significant, consumes quite a bit of energy and fast cooldown. When your Cary does not have trouble in the lane, can comfortably last hit and exchange skills with your carry team, please improve this skill early to be able to carry your pressure on the enemy carry.

Shallow Grave: this skill is the most annoying skill to protect, with this skill Dazzle will help himself and teammates immortal in 5 seconds and only disabled by Culling skill Ax’s Blade. When you use this skill sensibly flip the contract in combat is entirely possible.

Shadow Wave: this is a comprehensive skill when he can both heal and can deal a large amount of damage. You can completely use Shadow Wave to counter enemy heroes, especially those who are trying to advance to last hit as well as poke, harass the enemy. Of course, you can also use it to work with allies to set up extremely effective shock damage combos.

Weave: This is a pretty good skill when it gives significant resistance to allies or reduces the armor of the enemy team, and can also reveal the view of the enemies.

How to play this hero effectively in the laning phase


In the early game: when his mission is to support and protect his carry, he can be most comfortable to last hit minions or, if possible, with his carry, causing pressure to reduce the ability to farm items and poke opponent’s carry health, especially if you can, set up a fight if you have more teammates to help. But remember it is important to always check vision to ensure maximum safety for your carry. If possible, get ready to move or teleport to help other allies.

In the middle of the game: at this point, your task is to strengthen the stick with the opponent, protect carry and farm items if possible. Increase movement support teammates in small fights and of course always have toward or stack creeps.

Late game: At this stage, Dazzle ‘s influence is not as strong as before, but he can still use Shallow grave and weave to make it difficult for the opponent and support the team at maximum. Always move with your team right now, try to check your vision if you can and remember to be careful because you are not too strong.

How to build Dazzle reasonably

The way to build this hero depends on each match with specific situations but normally there will be the loading process as follows:

Early game: items like clarity, branches, or healing salve are indispensable. Then some items for the next stage are the magic wand, TP, and boots of speed.

In the mid-game: the mekansm item is needed right now. It depends on the gameplay, but on other items such as Force staff or pipe of insight.

At the late game: you need to complete items such as Guardian Greaves, Lotus orb, scythe of vyse to increase the ability to support your team.

In short, regardless of the stage, the way to build and play your game when using Dazzle as a support is to always follow and support your carry here.