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Dota 2: How to play Death Prophet support

Death Prophet

Death Prophet

Death Prophet is a pretty popular hero of the previous patch. After the hero was buffed in patches 7.24 and 7.25, many professional players began to successfully test the hero. Several teams, including Cyber ​​Legacy, also picked the first Death Prophet.

How to play Death Prophet in general

Death Prophet

So what does the key thing she needs to do? She wants to build up at the same time as Eul’s and start teaming up to push the lane and get targets, before returning to farming to the next item. Build up the next item is very important for any hero core because these heroes depend heavily on time to level up the item and their level.

It is the exact opposite of Death Prophet support: she does not need to farm and can play around her offlanes and position 3 support as soon as she reaches level 6. Basically, as the core, she holds the macro pace of the game by finding opportunities to attack and catch opponents’ loopholes. Meanwhile, this support play can be described as “turn on Exorcism Spirits freely”.

This is very annoying when facing Death Prophet. Regardless of the level and item of the hero, she pushes very fast, forcing the opponent to put effort to prevent this proactive attack from support position 5, which may cost the spells. This makes a lot of chances for the team: it can help the carry continue to farm on the other side of the map or counterattack opponents when they do not have many resources and skills to use.

How to build-up

Death Prophet

The truth is that like any other support heroes, Death Prophet needs to build the item based on the team. It could be the Spirit Vessel, the Glimmer Cape, the Force Staff, or usual offlane items, like Pipe of Insight and Guardian Greaves. The biggest defensive item that we really encourage you to build offlaner in some games is Crimson Guard because Crimson often used to counter the opponent’s push formation and in support, she does not have enough time to build this item.

Eul’s is also not a bad idea, especially with her. The item gives you more mobility, survivability, and is to destroy TP. However, this is a selfish defense item and not the first normal item of support heroes.

One of the biggest problems with Death Prophet support is that opponents can kill her quickly without much effort. When playing against uncommon heroes like Zeus and Ancient Apparition, she needs some Bracers and a change in gameplay.