July 31, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Disruptor In The Support Position – Roamer



Disruptor is a hero with quite an interesting gameplay with the ability to capture extremely strong people, always spreading fear to the enemy with his lock-on combo.

How To Play Disruptor – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • The ability to capture people is very strong thanks to the super combo Glimpse + Kinetic field
  • Lockdown a large area by Static storm
  • The full combo of Glimpse + Kinetic field + Static storm has both a strong lockdown and terrible damage
  • The gameplay is interesting and charismatic (however, if you are a novice, you will find this hero both difficult and weak)


  • Super lack of health (like other big brains)
  • Poor mobility
  • Computation is required when playing very carefully if you do not want to squeeze yourself or the team

Skill Table For Disruptor


With the support gameplay, you prioritize to maximize Glimpse first to capture people more easily at a blind distance, while lifting Kinetic Field alternately to increase the enemy’s imprisonment time is also to support the ultimate Static storm. gets the greatest amount of damage. Thunder strike in this build only takes 1 streak at the beginning of the game and gives vision to the target if they try to escape to pull back with Glimpse, the ultimate is taking the right level.

  • Level 10 Talent: Your lizard has a long-range cast range, grabs 60 gold per minute to rush items
  • Level 15 Talent: ganks hard, if you want to shoot cages regularly, you will reduce the 3 seconds when Kinetic Field is free to arrest. But if you feel like you deserve a gank stamp then just hit the Thunder strike with 40 damage and be happy
  • Level 20 Talent: 400 health for buffalo, but once you get used to the combo, the 10% increase in magic damage will help you crush the ill-fated victim you catch.
  • Level 25 Talent: if the enemy has a lot of magic damage players, 30% of the magic resistance is a huge number to turn them back on, otherwise just take 4 more lightning strikes to shock the enemy’s head.

How To Play Disruptor

Early game

At the beginning of the game, as usual, you check the runes. With the advantage of Glimpse isolating a large area that allows you and your teammates to easily catch 1 or 2 single targets in the early game for the hidden team to earn some initial gold, otherwise isolate the rune to leave. easy to eat. Done with this stage, you go back to the lane and start your main job.

Disruptor can roam/gank very well, but you should roam once you reach level 3, now Glimpse has a longer cast range and the Kinetic field has increased. When ganking, you time a bit of the enemy’s standing position and then rush to scare the way. If the opponent runs away, immediately perform a Glimpse combo, see the dot of this ability appear, place the Kinetic field at the highlight, the enemy will be pulled back and immediately isolated. The kill rate of this combo is quite high as long as the lane ally you gank has a little damage or can add 1 disable to the victim for sure.

If you stick to lane support, clear runes often, pull jungle monsters, harass the enemy, and protect your carry. You kick the opponent with Glimpse away from the aggressive enemy heroes that attack the core hero, knock Glimpse in the way when being attacked, and when gank, use the Glimpse Kinetic field combo after the enemy has turned and run. use early. The kinetic field has a very long delay, so it’s best to combine with Glimpse to make sure that you can capture the enemy.

Mid game


Now is the time for Disruptor and the team’s gankers to go hunting.

Disruptor is usually the one who gets in the back of ganks when the opponent is trying to run away to take advantage of Glimpse’s pull, never take the initiative, just let the team bait, after the opponent has turned around and run, you run to Glimpse again, see where the light is, immediately set up a Kinetic field and release a Static storm, this combo is very strong, hardly any enemy can survive at this stage (not to mention the source Your teammate’s damage goes to the victim’s face too).

However, in many situations it is not always possible to do this, you need to practice well to be able to respond quickly to the Glimpse light spot or you will fail miserably.

The static storm is a silencing ability, so you can also use it to interrupt the opponent’s channeling in necessary situations.

Keep an eye on to ensure a more favorable vision to gank, always invest in Smoke of deceit if necessary, always have a Town portal scroll ready to reverse lane or run away when necessary, if an enemy uses Town portal scroll Tele la lick, keep kicking him back with Glimpse, keeping the team safe and making them stop playing

When you buy Blink dagger, you are a real god now. The combo uses the following: wait for your chance, use a Blink dagger to dash, Glimpse your target, set a Kinetic field, drop a Static storm, it’s hard to fight this deadly combo.

Late game

Once in the late game, trying to play Aghanim’s Scepter to unleash the destructive power, once he has a green stick in hand, Disruptor can kill any target because of the ability to lock the item. when the ultimate gets upgraded by the green stick (it’s not like Doom): initiator, carry, nuker, … are all very bored.

Stick with your team, stand far away and wait for the opportunity, when the fight breaks out, try to capture Kinetic field with as many enemies as possible, then release Static storm to grill all the enemies trapped in it, if you can buy anything, don’t forgot to use it for team support. Or if you have a harder hand, have a higher hand, you can act as an initiator when you actively work up to capture enemy core heroes (priority is the carry, nuker, initiator).