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How to play Dragon Ball FighterZ better?

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Did you buy Dragon Ball FighterZ? You are so excited to control Son Goku to fight with Cell, Frieza, or … Beerus? But, you were beaten up by the opponent and could not touch them at all. We have a few tips to help you get better here.

Practice reading the input method – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Input, or manipulation, is always considered the most basic thing in the fighting game, and Dragon Ball FighterZ is no exception. However, its notation is a bit different from traditional fighting games such as Street Fighter V.

Gamers will use the number system on the keyboard Numpad to sign the game, with the number 5 in the center (meaning the character will stand still, not navigate). In general, is when performing “down to” and then press Light (L), people will not write like that but recorded as 236L. In it, 236 is to show how the navigation button must move so that the attack can perform successfully.

So why learn such a cumbersome and confusing way? Because that is the international “language” that the whole world uses. Even combo video clips for newbies use the notation system. So you have no other way to get used to it, learn it you will be able to “speak every language” that makes you squint to think you are “pro” fighting game.

Forget the Dragon Balls and auto-combo – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Most newbies will have to mash buttons. They will press a button repeatedly and see the character perform a series of extremely cool combos. But it is not because you win that you do it right, all because of the game’s auto-combo system.

The bad part of auto-combos is that the amount of damage done is very weak, compared to the opportunity to touch the opponent is not satisfactory. Moreover, the opponent can easily know that you have absolutely no knowledge of the game, so they just need to wait for you to mash the button and give you a combo to fly more than half a tree of blood and cry. screamed.

And even the Dragon Ball, every auto-combo hits the enemy, you will get anyone. That may be the reason many players, mostly newcomers, continue to abuse the system. But did you ever consider that touching an opponent who plays antagonism eight times (the last time to activate the Dragon God) is easier than dealing a ton of damage for a single touch?

So it’s best to stop the mash button and start practicing combos. Compared to other games, Dragon Ball FighterZ has a very simple and easy to make a combo system. With just a little practice, you will master it right away. Try to learn about input like the first part I said, it will be easier to understand when researching online.

Pay attention to the support and character lineup

After all, this is still a team fighting game. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can’t keep using one character forever without taking advantage of the support capabilities of the other characters. It will open up many options, as well as help you put more pressure on the opponent if used properly.

A standard lineup will consist of Point (leading, giving his advantage), Assist (the middle with good support), and Anchor (last position, the task of carrying the team if the other two are poor) ). Depending on the style of play of each person, there will be an appropriate formation and any child can take on many different positions, but not necessarily this general, “role” can only do Assist or Point.

This part, we will not discuss much because it is also extremely endless and let you explore by yourself, the gaming value will be much higher.