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How To Play Dragon Knight In Tanker, Ganker, Pusher Position

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

A strong and stable hero throughout the entire game phase. Dragon Knight is often chosen as the mid laner or offlaner for fighting formations that tend to be more physical damage.

How To Play Dragon Knight – Advantages / Disadvantages

Dragon Knight


  • Easy to play, easy to win, not too difficult to understand the skills set
  • The lane ability is very strong thanks to armor and heals from Dragon blood
  • Overwhelm heroes that tend to be extremely good at hand damage thanks to Breathe Fire
  • There’s a Dragon tail stun that’s one of the most annoying in Dota2 that is incredibly easy to use
  • The late-game still does not decline in power if building properly


  • Severe lack of mobility (understanding the huge body)
  • The animation is quite shabby, the starting hand damage is not very high, so it is difficult to make last hit
  • Mana was like other brats
  • Hardly countered by armor-boosting items

Skill Table For Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

Maximize Breathe fire first because this is Dragon Knight ‘s main damage skill while limiting the opponent’s hand damage, then Dragon blood to increase the buffalo level. With a long stun at level 1, Dragon tail only needs to take 1 point before level 6 and maximized at last. Ultimate Elder dragon form takes the correct level.

  • Talent lv10: This animal is a bit dull, but at 30 attack speed at lv10 it is a bit delicious. With good teamwork, mana is not a big problem so please prioritize attack speed.
  • Talent lv15: take 300 health, this animal’s furniture is full of damage with Str boosters so the lack of damage is impossible.
  • Talent lv20: if you’re forcing the field, get x2 of effect for Dragon blood to better dash. However, if the enemy team has multiple genres using Silver Edge to destroy the passives, it might be better to get the gold boost.
  • Talent lv25: take 40 Str, stronger and add resistance to effects from perk, itchy hands to add more Aeon Disk to make sure disabling or bad effects is quite meaningless for Dragon Knight. The plus stun time for Dragon tail? Dragonizing level 3 dragons shoot the enemy.

How To Play Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

Early game

You can sometimes use Breathe Fire to clean up the enemy while poking enemy, but it is recommended to use 2 to 3 times from level 2 or higher, but do not have much spam, Dragon Knight ’s mana is very bad.

When you reach level 6, you can either grab a lane push on a tower or start ganking. With the Elder dragon form, it only takes 2 waves of troops, you can take care of the opponent’s mid-tower if the opponent’s mid laner goes to check runes or gank in another lane.

When going to gank you should use the Elder dragon form first then use Dragon tail to stun the target (because Dragon tail is increased in use), spit skills to kill when ganking is successful. If the Elder dragon form is still there, you can always push the turret in that lane. Need the advantage of the network and turrets to be able to step into the mid-game in the best way. Remember to follow the Town portal scroll to promptly reverse lane or escape in an emergency situation.

Mid game

Now is the time to strike a balance between farming and ganking with your teammates, it is best to farm Blink dagger or Shadow Bladee, you should organize ganks in your lane with your teammates or push towers.

You can open the fight by rushing up and catching a single target thanks to Dragon tail for your teammates to rush to beat, you are very good thanks to Breathe Fire but look at the situation but ks often give up, carry team you but without the network, it is very pitiful. Breathe fire is also used against those with large hand damage, limiting their damage to save the lives of allies is not bad. Town portal scroll is essential for you during this phase to late game.

Late game

You can act as an initiator during this stage with ironing straight into the opponent’s formation, taking in dangerous skills, squeezing the enemy’s angle to give your ally a chance to attack, but you also have to know when to choose drawn out, because your magic damage tolerance is quite poor. You have an extremely annoying level 3 dragon control skill when you can maintain that ability too easily through shots, not to mention the amount of damage it does to the enemy lineup.

DK’s def + push ability is also quite good thanks to the ability to deal damage and heal for not too long. In a total teamfight, you aim to target weak targets first or stop the enemy initiator, do your tanking, and burst damage. Dragon Knight is a standard man tanker hero, easy to play and easy to win.