July 31, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Elder Titan In Support, Initiator Position

Elder Titan

Elder Titan

Elder Titan (old Tauren Chieftain) is a hero that has been around for quite some time. With the ability to deal outstanding damage without too much gear, this hero in recent years has returned to storm the professional arenas with diverse locations.

Guide To Play Elder Titan – Advantages / Disadvantages

Elder Titan


  • The skillset deals extremely strong damage and adverse effects to enemies
  • High throughout the stage of the game without too many items
  • Can act as an initiator quite safely thanks to the ability to initiate combat from afar


  • Difficult to use effectively
  • Mobility is not high
  • Requires the correct combo, otherwise, it will become a waste

Skill Table For Elder Titan

Elder Titan

You can get Echo stomp or Astral Spirit first, with Astral Spirit you can get a lot of damage and speed in the early game if dragging the ball causes damage to many enemies, and is also a tool to find the way, even if I don’t like it, get Echo stomp to disable. Echo stomp only takes 3 points to make enough time for you to perform combo sequence, moreover, stopping Echo stomp points to increase Natural order points in mid-game will greatly benefit in increasing damage to enemies. Astral Spirit maxed first, Echo stomp 3 points, next to Natural order maxed, ultimate got the right level.

  • Talent lv10: take 200 health, speed has increased speed from Spirit provided.
  • Talent lv15: So the three talents later looked very stupid. You can take 15% for it as exemplary support – tanker or get bonus damage for Astral Spirit and carry a tree that breaks enemy skulls.
  • Talent lv20: 70 attack speed combined with damage from Astral Spirit brings enough to knock the enemy head.
  • Talent lv25: Please take the trouble to take 75 seconds off for Split earth.

How To Play Elder Titan

Elder Titan

Early game

At the beginning of the game, as usual, you go out to check the runes of things, if there’s nothing special, go back to the lane.

Please pay attention to the amount of damage and movement speed from the Astral Spirit when withdrawing. If the first wave of creeps you release hits all 4 + 2 enemy heroes, your movement speed and damage will be extremely terrible, then plus 1 more disable of your teammates you can easily get first blood without spending too much effort.

Lane is like any other support, you keep an eye on the realm, pull creeps, and stack camp. Elder Titan has the ability to stack 2 camps at the same time very effectively thanks to Astral Spirit, this job both guarantees the amount of exp and gold for him when laning to achieve important levels.

ET can still roam, but this ability is much worse than roaming heroes, you better go safe lane with carry. And if you want to gank, the combo is also simple: drop the Astral Spirit + knock Echo stomp to control the enemy + approach the target + pull the soul to “collide” with the creeps, then collect the same lane.

Mid game

In the mid-game, you must always have Town portal scroll in hand because this is the stage when the 2 teams start ganking regularly, don’t forget to set an eye on your carry team to farm important items.

The most important and unique combo of Elder Titan at this stage is as follows: release Astral Spirit, adjust the appropriate position —> stomp Echo stomp, when the opponent is on the dice, quickly use Earth Splitter drag Astral Spirit to stand so that the range of Natural order affects the most enemies (or you can pull it close to the important enemy heroes), that’s all.

Astral Spirit is also a very good navigation tool, be used regularly on suspicious locations with enemies to ensure the vision for teammates.

Late game

Late game is the time when you should go with your team, don’t go retail because ET depends a lot on allies, ET’s ability to self-manage is quite poor.

The full set of Elder Titan combos that have purchased the Refresher orb are as follows: shoot Astral Spirit, knock out Echo stomp, use Earth Splitter then drag the soul to cling to the core hero of the enemy to the target to stick Natural order, press Refresher orb and then Earth Splitter again Also (because the mana is heavily distorted, the Echo Stomp cannot be used twice), you will wipe 100% of the enemy’s health if they don’t put on magic resist and armor items directly (this combo is a multi-target combo with the strongest damage that game).