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Dota Underlord: How to play Elusive Build

Elusive Build

Elusive Build

Although the Elusive build has heroes with less utility than the Warriors, its most attractive feature is that it has heroes that attack quite well (two Assassins, two Hunters, one Demon Hunter, one Mage. ). This allows you to use these attacking synergies in (6) quite natural Elusive drafts: Usually Elusive / Assassins, Elusive / Hunters, and since Natures Prophet changes – Elusive / Mage.

Elusive Build Overview

Elusive Build

Elusive is the least popular Defense League in Dota Underlords for a good reason. It works like the Warriors bonus in the sense that it protects you from physical damage, but it’s a bit inferior for three reasons:

Like armor, dodging does not protect from magic damage. The problem is that the Warriors have two Scaled heroes in their roster while the Elusives don’t, which makes getting Scaled’s magic resistance bonus easier for a warrior.

It’s hard to run an elusive frontline without investing in the whole (6) Elusive rewards – (3) Elusive rewards are a bit unreliable. More importantly, aside from the Treant, there aren’t any good tank/utility Elusives that are the clear top contender.

Last but certainly not least, dodge has a direct effect: critical hits (Assassin, item). This means that in a meta where (6) popular killer moves, Elusives will suffer.

Elusive Build Early Game

After the opening, your goal is to achieve (6) Elusive build bonuses as soon as possible. It’s a massive early mid-game power boost when most of the enemy formations deal damage with attacks (The mage formation isn’t online yet and there are very few high-level AoE damage generals). Use this moment to give yourself a mid-game and good economy. The elusive heroes you choose largely depend on the store, but you should always keep in mind how the final build you’re aiming for, especially when making a decision on which unit is three-star.

Best Elusive Build

If you plan to use (6) an Elusive build, you usually have three main options:

  • The killer is elusive
  • Elusive wizards (new)
  • Elusive hunter

Elusive Assassins

The oldest and arguably the strongest Elusive build that can be considered “core” builds. The reason it works well is pretty simple: two of the strongest Assassins in the game are Elusive (Phantom Assassin and Templar Assassin) as well. This means that they benefit from the reward of (6) The ability to dodge, making them much more likely to survive than theory. Three-star PA with 50% dodge and ideally Mask of Madness is one of the hardest moves in the game.

The third killer you choose is the situation. The above option is relatively standard because:

  • You are prone to magic damage
  • You lack control

So the Slark + Tide bonus (2) Tide’s proportions and AoE stun is extremely welcome in an Elusive draft.

The build doesn’t require you to reach lvl10 (or even lvl9 in some cases) – the more important three-star upgrade – first priority is PA, then one of the Druids, Slark and in The game is longer, even TA. Theoretically, you can use Viper (with Puck) or Sand King for more control.

Elusive Hunters

The Elusive Hunters are arguably the weakest variant because of a number of issues:

  • Even though you have two Hunters, it’s hard to put a third Hunter in a synergistic formation before the end of the game and therefore you do less damage than the Assassin variant in the middle of the game.
  • Hunters don’t benefit much from evasion because they are the designed backline heroes (compared to Assassins, who jump on enemies and be in danger). At the same time, they needed a powerful front line with a lot of control and, apart from the Treant, other elusive heroes didn’t fit this description.
  • Last but not least, Hunters are very susceptible to assassin attacks, which means that some of the Assassins players in the lobby can ruin your mid game.

Because of this, Hunters are often played as a late-game foursome with Medusa for the Elusive draft. That said, if you want to play Elusive-Hunters in the first place, your mid-game lineup should look similar to this one.

Elusive Mages

Elusive Build

Theoretically, the Elusive Mage was feasible before the latest patch, but they are a poor Elusive build. However, since changing to Nature’s Prophet’s, the Elusive Mage has been quite possible – he deals extremely high magic damage with his new ability Wrath of Nature and benefits greatly from the bonus of the Mage’s magic resistance reduction.