July 27, 2021


Game CMD 368

How to play Enchantress in the Jungle – Ganker – Carry position



Enchantress is a hero with very interesting gameplay because of his ability to “catch animals” with very strong long-range damage.

How To Play Enchantress – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Extremely high mobility thanks to the largest basic running speed in the game
  • Can farm right from the beginning of the game and the farming speed is quite fast
  • The ability to conquer jungle monsters with Enchant overwhelms the opponent in number and skill
  • Very strong damage thanks to Impetus
  • Hard to die with hand damage thanks to Untouchable


  • Super lack of heath, not dying from hand damage, you will also die from magic damage
  • It is necessary to keep the distance from the target to ensure the safety of life as well as damage with ultimate
  • Despite the simple skill set, but with the ability to capture jungle monsters, playing Enchantress is not easy
  • Late game is not as strong as pure carry

Skills Table For Enchantress


Enchant will be taken at the first level to increase the ability to capture pokemon jungle forest for Enchantress, but now there is no Enchan type to suck forest until the next life, so only need the first 2 points of the game (if you like the classic style, max is okay. for everything it’s simple), next depending on the situation that you increase the other 2 skills accordingly. If the enemy has many enemies to eat money, they will max Untouchable, otherwise, max Nature’s attendants. Ultimate got the right level

  • Talent lv10: The barefoot Enchan is the fastest in the game, if he wants the enemy to breathe more dust, he will get 25 movement speed, but when Enchan proved quite weak against the enemy’s spells, + 15% magic resistance at all a bit bad
  • Talent lv15: getting a Wisp boost for Nature’s attendants makes Enchan extremely difficult to be bullied (contraindicated with Ice Age Ancient Apparition), 50 dmg left? Enchan does not take hand damage to kill people, but 50mg is also very big, if your team has good tankers upline and you know how to keep a distance from the enemy, 50mg is much more beneficial.
  • Talent lv20: late pull, the carrier will be able to bully Enchantress, so getting the talent to speed up 100 slow for Untouchable will lock the hand of any element that likes to touch the gem. However, if you keep a good position in the teamfight, the point of Enchant to capture ancient monsters is much more beneficial because both enjoy our high-class aura, and have a more ferocious herd of animals.
  • Talent lv25: whatever you like plus, these 2 points are very strong

How To Play Enchantress


Early game

First, select the creeps needed to farm, but in short, the ones that have features like: buffalo. have a quick clear camp skill. These include the Satyr tormenter, the Hellbear smasher, the Dark Troll summoner. After you have chosen to go farming, you need to plow at least level 3 to gank outside.

Well, this is very important, it’s the stack camp. You should stack 1 large camp for savings, after the camps have been many, try to earn the Wildwings Ripper using the whirlwinds to take big camps.

Once you reach level 3, you can choose to either farm again or roam to the lane. The jungle creeps needed for ganking right now are Dark Troll summoner (damaging the enemy with its bind), Centaur conqueror (pulling it to block the enemy’s path to stun), Hellbear smasher (also pulling to block slow down the enemy lane), and especially the Satyr Trickster’s super brawny (with a purge slow max). When combined with teammates in the lane you can easily kill. After the island is finished, you can take the kill point or not, then you can go to the jungle to continue wandering to have gold to buy more luxury items.

Sometimes on time, just go clear rune, meet bounty rune and get a little more gold.

Mid game

At this stage, it is best if you and your team ganker to go online hunting and push turrets, farm, then take advantage of the free time between ganks only, give the jungle to the carry of the team.

The jungle creeps you can use to gank now are Centaur conqueror (don’t have to explain much about its stun), Hellbear smasher (has a good wide-area slow, the aura that speeds up attacks is quite beneficial. for pushes), Dark Troll summoner (with bones to push, sloth throws to gank), Kobol foreman (with the aura that speeds up the run), Alpha wolf (big wolf with a damage-boosting aura), if you like pure gank to catch the Satyr Trickster.

Normally, you will catch 2 jungle creeps to gank, leaving 1-time using Enchant to slow the enemy from afar and then drag the creeps onto the victim. This stage is quite confusing because you have to constantly control commands from one to the other (take a little effort, not all heroes are easy to master). To save your yard’s forest resources, it’s best to go to the enemy forest to catch creeps.

Pushing turrets will pull creeps onto the tank, taking turns taking damage one by one

Nature’s Attendants began to be used a lot in the mid-game to increase healing for Enchantress and his allies, but the healing ability will be divided equally by the number of units around, so if you want to heal For the right person, signal that person to follow you and run away from the creepy creeps around. Nature’s Attendants only heal those who have lost health so you don’t have to be afraid of wasting skills

This stage always follows the Town portal scroll to reverse lane or fall back when necessary.

Late game

At the end of the game, it is okay to go with the people to fight with push towers. With the ability to deal very strong damage at long range, it is best to just stand in the backline, not standing in the middle of the squad or kicking up the line like a god and die like a moron.

At this stage, you should start practicing damage per javelin to be able to play the combo Hurricane Pike + Blink dagger + Impetus. Usually, with this combo, you can hiss an additional 385 pure damage per shot with max range, at least x4 shots of pike is 1540, yeah, that damage, and then just poke at this threshold or lower and apply use. Your ultimate is not blocked by magic immunity so just shoot and drop the gas (but don’t shoot the guys with Blade Mail).

Do not forget that with the skill to catch jungle monsters as your own servants, you have a lot of advantages from this. In the late game, give priority to catching those with strong aura or skill: Alpha wolf with aura increases damage, Centaur conqueror has stun skill to take advantage of combat. Also do not forget to store around 2k or more in this period to buy back because Enchantress has a quick recovery skill, buyback does not affect her inherent strength.