July 27, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Enigma In Position Jungler – Initiator



Enigma is one of the Initiators that has the ability to “balance team”, overturn extremely strong combat thanks to his skill set, and possesses outstanding farming ability. Enigma has never been hot in the innocuous matches to professional competitions.

Guide To Play Enigma – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Easy to farm, super-fast farming speed
  • The skillset deals damage and beneficial effects very strong, effective until late game
  • Great balance thanks to the ultimate Black hole


  • Black hole is a short-range channeling skill that is easy to break
  • Requires high micro ability, easy to frenzy
  • The gameplay is very tiring while having to both farm and fight + push often (if you say that playing Enigma doesn’t get tired, you should stop playing)

Skill Table For Enigma


You are jungling at the beginning of the game, so you have to get Demonic conversion first and then max out first, get 1 point Midnight pulse at the beginning of the game to destroy trees, make moving to another camp easier, 1 point Malefice for a disable. Later when Enigma has maxed and created, you prioritize maximizing the next Malefice to get damage + more disable the time, Midnight pulse will be taken at a later stage when the enemy’s late-game health is quite much. Ultimate brand hole to the universe taking the correct level

  • Talent lv10: if the core item is Blink dagger, you should not get movement speed, take 15% magic resistance (if the enemy has less magic damage, you can also get movement speed)
  • Talent lv15: both points are good. Normally Enig is very good at jungling so the item rush is relatively fast, so he can take 15% of the cooldown reduction, but if you have to give up the jungle early to carry from mid-game, then 120 gold/min will compensate. ok you don’t farm later
  • Talent lv20: taking 400 health is also a bit tanky, but 70 damage for the faithful is not small, up to level 25 to get more points to create a remake to make sure this point promotes destruction.
  • Talent lv25: take 8 more loyal monsters to overwhelm the enemy in number as well as increase the push ability (against the youth Earthshaker, Sven or the pot face Legion Commander, …. because these monsters have the ability to blow away your mucus very fast, so if you meet these guys, you will know yourself to take the chunks 4 times more for Malefice.

How To Play Enigma


Early game

At the beginning of the game, Enigma must go into the jungle, rune alone.

When creeps appear, you should eat the medium camp first. At level 1 Demonic conversion the monsters are quite thin, so you will have a bit of hard work in controlling (micro) them in turn just hit and take damage to wait until x2, or if you feel the microphone is not good, take out your corpse to take damage, but when biting Clarity, don’t stand up to take the damage. With a Demonic conversion level of level 2 and above, you should already be able to eat a large camp (but pay attention to the Centaur or Hellbear camps, they keep crowded freezing is the skill, your disciple loses health very quickly).

Try to farm Soul Ring, your jungling speed will be boosted quickly. In the early early stages, you can easily rush to get Blink dagger without difficulty

Sometimes you can reverse to the sub-team lane. At this time, to deal more damage, you have your students fight jungle monsters for 4-5 times, then pull out to the lane, hit Malefice at the head of the guy who made a lie and then drag the other to fight. De will now duplicate more so your firepower is very burning, plus the lane teammates fight, the ability to kill is very high. The reason I do not want you to clone the children first and then pull out is for one reason only: too many children together will be busy, the speed of the gang will slow down so much. the situation will be in the lane very late.

Mid game

In mid-game, you give up the forest to carry farm. Just now, let’s go with the team’s gankers and supports to gank + push enthusiastically in. When pushing, remember to prioritize using Demonic conversion on enemy vehicles to save time pushing the lane. Malefice hit the heads of the kids with unpleasant skills (nuker, tanker, initiator) when pushing, and when ganking, they just threw at the nearest kid to let the team hit the board. Midnight pulse at a low level is often used to destroy trees to ensure visibility for the team. When it comes to higher levels, this skill does a lot of damage, so use it when a melee happens.

Enigma has a unique combo that is Blink dagger + Midnight pulse + Black hole causing extremely strong damage on a large scale, but up to 96.69% in games, you can hardly do this combo sequence.

Late game

Since you are a great initiator, at the end of the game, never go alone, just go with your team. Ask your support to keep your eyesight fully secured, and you stay a little bit away from the main lineup (because Enigma ‘s dangerous nature will make the enemy team focus first). The timing of using the Black hole is perfect, your team has a great chance of winning, especially when casting Refresher orb (completely disable 8 seconds when the star is not amenable). Don’t forget to use the item set wisely to maximize efficiency.