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How To Play Fortnite That Easily Helping You Get TOP 1

How To Play Fortnite That Easily Helping You Get TOP 1

How To Play Fortnite That Easily Helping You Get TOP 1

Currently, the number of Fortnite Battle Royale downloads is steadily increasing and becoming the most popular survival game, the number that the game has created has knocked out PUBG and dragged millions of players, setting many records on Twitch.

Watch the Stream of gamers – Fortnite

How To Play Fortnite That Easily Helping You Get TOP 1

This is not just the way that players apply exclusively to Fortnite, any game you should also preview the Streamer so you can help you know in advance how to play and tips in the game, let alone the game has a lot of streamer with very lots of instructions,

There is a lot of content for a new player to explore and have an overview of the game. This is very useful to help you have experience handling situations in the game, refer to many videos of many different streamers, you will learn more ways to handle it.

Proactively search for enemies to fight

How To Play Fortnite That Easily Helping You Get TOP 1

The best way to improve your shooting skills is to participate in as many gunfights as possible. Do not put the winning at first in battle, because all you need now is combat experience, if it is possible to survive gun battles, it is very good.

When you first enter the battle, jump into an area that is suspected to have many players, try to loot items and make sure they are enough for you to survive if you meet your opponent, of course, your ability is removed. The book will be very quick but don’t worry, you can quickly take the next bus to fight.

Shooting in Fortnite will be slightly different from other FPS genres like CoD, CSGO, or even PUBG. The only way is to try with every weapon in the game and then choose the weapons that you like best.

Avoid direct confrontation and focus on construction

Reading the title may sound like a contradiction to what we just mentioned above, but once you are able to shoot well, learn how to be a “mason” in safe areas if you don’t want to be harassed by other players. Because construction is the second most important factor besides fighting in Fortnite.

If you don’t like spending money on Save the World mode, the best way to build a complete building is to avoid battles. Harvest all the materials such as wood and stone, once you’ve built yourself a sufficient stock, try to build other types of buildings, such as the staircase to the top or some defensive structures as fast as you can.

Land on the roof – Fortnite

In Fortnite, there are many locations that can loot weapons, equipment, and ammunition. The advice is to land on a roof, you can loot a good gun, bullets and maybe add a few grenades or a shield when starting the game. And then go down to the lower floors, lots of good stuff that can be hidden in an attic and lower floors.