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Apex Legends: How to play Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse Apex Legends and his explosive kit delivered an enormous amount of chaos to Apex Legends. Master of Mayhem fought his way to the top of the battle pit on the planet Salvo and took part in the ultimate challenge: Apex Games. And he is carrying a lot of firepowers to become the champion.

Abilities of Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse’s skill set is explosive and aggressive, capable of denying significant areas and dealing direct damage to enemies – especially when used in conjunction with his other skills.

Fuse’s passive, Grenadier, allowed him to throw grenades “farther, faster and more accurately”, according to his official page, with a little help from his mechanical arm. This ability also allows him to stack two grenades on each cargo slot and get more bang for your money.

Knuckle Cluster is very versatile: you can use it as a quick way to deal some damage to the target or as a small area denial device. Toss it into a door and blow it up for free (with a light kick to anyone near it), throw it in the hallway, and see if enemies argue whether to go through it or even shoot it into a choke spot so that the enemy will trip over a series of explosions.

For his ultimate, Fuse Apex Legends lashed out with large guns – and by that, we meant the mortar mounted behind him. Motherlode creates a ring of fire around an area and anyone passing through it will take a significant amount of damage and a slow effect.

Motherlode is quite intuitive to use. The HUD displays the trajectory for the mortar which will split into a series of fireballs. Using it outdoors creates a ring of fire that covers an area, but using it indoors only creates hell for everything inside – including Fuse, who will take damage from it on his own.


Fuse Apex Legends

Gibraltar and Bangalore are also good options. Their ultimatum required an air strike that could destroy the enemy inside the Motherlode’s sphere of influence. Bangalore’s smoke can also interrupt an opponent’s line of sight – but, as with any smoke, it’s a double-edged sword.

Rampart, also potentially lethal alongside explosives enthusiasts. She can set up Amped Walls to improve the team’s damage output and place her Sheila minigun to create rain to guide enemies trapped inside the ring of fire.

Ultimately, Revenant and Horizon were able to work well with Fuse Apex Legends, but not for their damage role. They provide valuable utility in either keeping the targets in the Motherlode or punishing them for exiting.

Counters Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse Apex Legends

There are two main ways to counter Fuse’s abilities: nullifying their damage or leaving their area of ​​effect. Both Wattson and Gibraltar are an example of the first instance, but there are some legends that can safely put a team out of harm’s way – and destroy a computational play by Fuse.

Wraith can send a team to safety, though she will likely have to burn off her cooldown to safely escape the ring of fire.

Octane’s jump also provides another way to get out of the blast radius, especially after the latest changes to its arc. Pathfinder’s zipline can safely get a team out of the ring of fire, but it’s not a harmless escape. Legends will be an easy target while holding onto the slide. Horizon’s gravity lift allows a team to jump over flames, but like Pathfinder, they can also become targets with ease.