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How to play Galio at mid lane position in League of Legend

How to play Galio with full AP items

It is no coincidence that in recent days, Faker has used Galio a lot to climb the rank with full AP items. In this article, we will introduce for players how to play Galio effectively with full AP items like Faker in the mid lane for players in League of Legend.

How to play Galio with full AP items
How to play Galio with full AP items


How to play Galio well? One of the first ways is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Galio from the beginning. In order to understand and make good use of Galio’s skills as well as equip items for him.

In terms of strengths, Galio is considered to be one of the good poke champions, fast clearing troops with a wide range of damage skills. Besides, he has the ability to control the top power among Mid-wizards. Good resistance when activating W and especially Galio has the ultimate to support remote teammates.

On the weak side, Galio is a champion with a very comfortable rate of use of skills because the item does not increase energy. Control moves such as W and E only have a short-range. And one of the most disadvantages is the super long cooldown.

hero is a champion appreciated for the ability to damage
Galio is a champion appreciated for the ability to damage


The Summoner Specialist increases Galio's damage rate
The Summoner Specialist increases Galio’s damage rate

Aftershock is something indispensable for Galio, no matter what he wears. In resolve branch, there is an interesting new gem which is Hammer of Shield, although he does not take advantage of it max ping like Riven or Lee Sin, sometimes Galio has a magic armor to activate Spider Shield. enough. And in the sub-branch of Magic, Galio will take all the jewels to increase the AP to increase the damage.

EQUIP ITEMS FOR GALIO – How to play Galio?

Galio's main equipment
Galio’s main equipment

Equipping Galio with items is also one of the ways for players to win more in hand. For Galio, the main items will be:

  • Hextech Belt is a very suitable equipment for Galio, it gives him many important stats such as blood, reducing cooldown, and AP. This equipment also helps Galio to clear the troops faster in times of need to roam with the ultimate.
  • The Devil’s Book of Morello is now a must-have item for all wizards, maybe there’s no need to discuss it anymore.
  • Zhonya Hourglass will be suitable for becoming the third equipment of Galio, he has good magic resistance and a lot of blood from previous equipment so having a little extra armor will help Galio’s ability to resist become more comprehensive. Especially, Galio’s gameplay often dives deep, so he also needs the activation power of the Watch.
  • If blue, Galio will go to Wizard’s Shoes to help Q skill deal much more damage, but if the situation is too difficult, it can be replaced with Ninja Shoes.

On the optional items the player should set up:

  • Cadre Void: Adding magic resist is never redundant, especially for champions who only need one trick to take away a heap of enemy blood like Galio.
  • Luden’s Echo: This item is quite powerful, but if you plan on building it, replace the Hextech Belt.
  • Witch Hat: Playing in the style of a Galio Wizard, of course, you can make this.
  • Martyrs Armor and Adaptive Hats: If you need items that can withstand, this is the most reasonable choice.


All abilities of Galio
All abilities of Galio

Increasing the ability, of course, Galio will need to prioritize the main damage skill is Q already. This skill has been greatly increased the damage, so it will both help Galio to clear the soldiers better and can also poke super annoying enemies. Although the new E is the one that deals with heavy damage after Q, Galio prioritizes on W to increase his resilience to fight.