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Overwatch – Instructions on how to play Hanzo

Instructions on how to play Hanzo

Instructions on how to play Hanzo

Like Widowmaker, Hanzo is extremely suitable for the position of a gunner in the squad because of the ability to destroy enemies from a distance with long-range and his skills. Like his younger brother Genji, he is also extremely flexible and agile to help this hero even though his health is not high (only 200) can survive in team fights when the enemy approaches if the player moves appropriately. Specifically, he consists of 5 skills

Hanzo ’s Storm Bow

Instructions on how to play Hanzo
  • Rate of fire: 1 bullet/second.
  • Time to get the highest damage: 0 – 0.5 seconds.
  • Damage: 29 – 125

The damage is very high but it takes a long time to fully charge, so your ability to move is also limited and very dangerous when approached. Depending on the situation, you will choose between fully charging damage to kill the enemy from afar or shoot immediately to defeat weak targets in front of you.

Sonic Arrow

  • Time to get the highest damage: 0 – 0.5 seconds.
  • Damage: 29 – 125
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Influence: 10m radius.

With a similar mechanism of operation like Widowmaker, Hanzo can see through targets in a certain area but not quite as powerful as Widow. With a reasonable cooldown, it helps to understand the fighting points before conducting a fight more smoothly.

Hanzo ’s Scatter Arrow

Instructions on how to play Hanzo
  • Time to get the highest damage: 0 – 0.5 seconds.
  • Damage: 75
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

With the ability to unleash a series of arrows, this is a key skill for you to use in melee combat situations, you shoot at the area in front of the enemy will cause him to receive the amount of Large damage and can knock down immediately.


  • Time to take the highest damage: 1.5 seconds.
  • Damage: 200 damage / second
  • View range: 4m

Combining Sonic Arrow skill with Dragonstrike, if you are lucky you can defeat the entire enemy team in just one move. DragonStrike passes through the object and deals damage to all enemies within a 4m radius in front of him.

Hanzo’s Wall Climb

Passive skills help Hanzo can cross terrain easily and find the right angle to help destroy the enemy.

Some small tips when playing Hanzo

  • Use quick shot (don’t charge too long) to take down near death targets.
  • Some champions have the ability to escape the influence of Sonic Arrow like with Recall of Tracer or Reaper in Wraith Form.
  • Scatter Arrow has a charging time but the damage does not affect the charging time but only affects the distance of the shot.
  • A small trick is that when there is 18 seconds before the start of the match, use Hanzo to shoot right on the top of his head, after 18 seconds, the arrow will plug right where we shot, taking advantage of that, right At the start of the match we can use 1 at 2 Sonic Arrow to create a certain advantage. (Trick may or may not).
  • Scatter Arrow works very well in tight spaces, so Scatter Arrow can be used to counter Torbjorn Turret or Bastion because these generals often choose hidden areas to place towers.
  • Using Dragonstrike is more effective when combined with Ulti from other champions like Earthshatter of Reinhardt or Ulti of Mei and Zarya.
  • Before Using Dragonstrike, explore the enemy with Sonic Arrow to make sure the skill is most effective.
  • Use only Sonic Arrow when your team is about to attack Check Point or Payload. Avoid spamming this skill too much.