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Dota Auto Chess: How to play Hunter Build

Hunter Build

Hunter Build

The Hunter build is an underrated strategy. Unlike other formations that rely on overwhelming opponents with extremely high attack damage (i.e., Assassins), Hunters are really strong late in the game due to two main factors:

Unlike Assassins, they have high-quality AoE control units

They deal wide range of damage, meaning you can use unit positioning to your advantage.

Hunter Build Strategy Summary

Hunter Build

The goal is to receive a reward of (3) or (6) Hunter build, which will help your backline Hunters destroy the enemy unit in an instant. The Bounty (3) gives your Hunter 30 damage and a 30% chance to dodge stabs. Reward (6) – 40 bonus damage and 40% chance to pierce dodge (total 70 damage and 58 percent chance to pierce dodge).

To give them enough time to do their job, you need a good frontline with good control and positioning.

Hunter build

1 gold Hunter

Drow Ranger

Drow offers nothing groundbreaking, but she offers a lot of value at a low cost mainly thanks to her undead tribe. It’s easy to get an early undead reward for matching her with Abaddon or later – with Necrophos. The armor reduction works effectively in conjunction with Hunter’s high physical DPS. Due to her ability to be a passive person, she is a good Insane Mask carrier.

2 gold Hunter


He was so good that he was frequently used even without other Hunters. He is the only true frontline Hunter in the early mid-game, which makes him even more useful in the Hunter lineup. He’s an Orc, which means he’s great to be paired with Ax or Jugg early in the game to set up your frontline before you start building your damaging backline.

3 gold Hunters


Good physical damage and high attack range, but effectively he doesn’t have Race synergy, which is a big downside. His ability is also not surprising as it has a long casting animation and doesn’t increase his DPS effect much as he stops attacking for a long time to use it. As a result, you often want to include other Hunters in your Hunter build instead of Snipers. That said, if the RNG gods are determined, an upgraded Sniper is still better than an unscrambled alternative.


DPS and abilities are below average, but she’s a Goblin, which makes her valuable if you’re trying to build towards Elves + Hunters (there are two Hunters who are also elves). Arguably she was the second least valuable Hunter after Sniper.


She is the best hunter in the middle of the game, and the hero you will almost always want to include in your Hunter build regardless of whether you’re pursuing synergy (3) or (6). She has a high auto-attack DPS and her Powershot, although somewhat unreliable, does very high AoE damage. Try to put her in a corner so she uses her skills diagonally and hits as many units as possible. She is a good unit for placing spell damage items.

4 gold Hunter


One of the best units in the game is also the Hunter, which makes her a must-have character. She allows you to control the crowd towards the end of the game and also increases the damage your other units deal during the Stone Gaze. Since she’s a star, it’s ideal to place her in the backline with an item like a Voidstone. Medusa deals more damage in the Hunter lineup than the others, which means she charges her Stone Gaze faster than the other formations. When you upgrade her to two / three stars, you can afford to put her in front to trigger her ultrasound as soon as possible if you need to.

5 gold Hunter in Hunter build


Best last tank game in Hunter build. Along with Medusa, he gives you plenty of Crowd Control, giving your high target DPS units enough time to take down critical targets (ideally checkout units). check the opponent’s front line). Furthermore, Tide + Medusa gives you two Nagas rewards – extremely useful in the late game with all types of formations and especially against Mages, who are currently very popular.

Making Hunter Build Work

Hunter Build

Early Game

Early game is mainly about building front lines. In that sense, the only truly important Hunter is the Beastmaster, and the easiest way to build a durable frontline is to combine him with another Orc, usually in addition to the other two Warriors. With the frontline secured, you can target to receive (3) your Hunter bounty from two backline damages, for example. Drow + Windranger.

Of course, other openings are possible. Grabbing a few Knights in the early game will allow you to get (2) early undead rewards from Drow + Abaddon, extremely powerful with Hunter’s high physical damage. Remember that even Beastmaster’s ultimate deals physical damage.

Last but not least, never underestimate the Goblin-Mech opening. The Goblins frontline is very durable and in the middle of the game will give your Hunter plenty of time to comfortably deal damage. By the end of the game, however, you’ll likely have to start replacing your Goblins with better units to perfect your squad.

Mid-Late Game

In the middle of the game, your Hunter build usually has (3) the tough Hunter + frontline. As in all other respects, from this point, you need to start visualizing your late-game squad and start building in that direction while managing your economy. A good economy will help you to level up a higher courier faster, help you reach Medusa and Tide earlier, these are the two main heroes to secure the squad (6) Hunters.