July 27, 2021


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How To Play Invoker Dota 2 And Take Control In Every Match



Invoker is probably the only champion in Dota 2 to possess up to 14 skills for his skill. This is also the hero associated with the question: how to master the way to play him?

Dota 2 and the abundance of heroes


Strategy and virtual arena games like Dota 2 always have an extremely rich character system. If you want to get the best position and the best hero for you, it will take quite a bit of time. The heroes in Dota 2 have their own unique colors in their design language.

In this game, you are free to choose for yourself a certain general and practice. The results of the match will reflect the quality of your training. In which generals like Invoker is always the first choice for professional players. So, what does this general have for him? What makes this hero so hot in Dota 2?

How to play Invoker Dota 2

Speaking of this hero, players can hardly ignore his unique power. His ability to withstand lanes and solo skills is very impressive, it is difficult for any hero. This hero not only possesses a perfect skill set, but he also has a suitable movement speed. Taking advantage of this strong point, you have a way to play Invoker Dota 2 for yourself.

Besides, you also need to have his own skills to optimize his advantages. Limiting his weaknesses to become the true leader in every game.

Promote the strengths of the powerful Invoker


You can see that Invoker is a champion who possesses a lot of strengths for himself. You can optimize these points to bring maximum power to him. Those points include the following:

A champion with extremely high versatility, you can choose any position for him. You can go to Mid, Build Sp, or Top according to your team’s needs. Either way, he can maximize his power. This is the point that the player likes the most in this hero and the heroes like him.

A magic hero who has control skills is the point that makes a difference for him. In many different situations, you need control skills to flee or finish an enemy hero. Taking advantage of these control skills is also extremely necessary for situations to flip the teamfight.

He also possesses excellent solo ability when going alone and fighting with the gladiator heroes. He can hold them and drain their strength with his skills.

The weakness comes from the invasion of Invoker

Perhaps by reading this, you said that Invoker is really such a badass? However, any hero has certain requirements. That is the reason for forming his counter tips. You can apply the following when fighting with this magic hero:

He pretty relies on items, if you do not have enough items, it seems harmless to other heroes. You need to focus on farming to have enough money needed for your items. Once you have enough items and max level, you can unleash his full power.

The amount of health is quite low even though coming to late game. This is easy to understand because associated with hegemony power, he has a limited amount of health. He has never been considered a semi tank in competitive formations. You also need to position yourself to avoid being caught in fights.

Invoker mana is quite limited by the amount of skill this hero possesses is huge. This is to prevent him from being too overwhelming when he has enough items. Continuous casting skill makes him a real machine gun.