July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How to play Leshrac in the position of Ganker – Nuker – Pusher



Leshrac is one of the most powerful nukers in Dota 2 with a huge set of abilities that deal massive magic damage with a huge push. This hero used to storm in the professional arena.

Guide To Play Leshrac – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Terrible source of massive damage (all 4 abilities deal AoE damage)
  • Disabling disease (both stun, slow, rapid recovery)
  • Nuke is strong, can play many roles: ganker, nuker, pusher, initiator
  • Strong farm (starting attack speed of 0.72 is too large for a big guy), can spam the minion cleanup due to a lot of mana
  • Standing at altar speed thanks to Diabolic edict


  • Low on health
  • Always in a mana shortage when having to spam a lot
  • Poor mobility
  • The skillset is difficult to use effectively because of its large cast delay time
  • Always have to rush into the enemy to inflict damage, so the risk of death is very high
  • High levels need to be reached to bring into play the destructive effects of skills

Skill Table For Leshrac


In the early stages, the ultimate does not need to be taken early (because at this time Les also does not have enough buffalo and mana to burn the enemy), with the early ganker build, Split earth, and the Lightning storm will be given priority. Max first, get 1 point Diabolic edict at the beginning of the game to fix the enemy turret, at level 11 start to get ultimate, the rest will add the score to Diabolic edict

About Talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: Choosing +250 mana will help a lot for this hero, with all 4 skills needed to use it will consume a small amount of mana.
  • Talent lv15: get the strength to increase health, this geezer has a Blink dagger in the item set, so the speed is not needed because the old goat is already running fast (so he also plays Eul’s Scepter later of Divinity)
  • Talent lv20: Closing an item just to increase your buff means + 25% dodge is unnecessary on the hero, instead of picking +50 damage from your Ulti will give Leshrac a boost. his nuker ability
  • Talent lv25: Select the situation to increase points for this level. If your team wants to push the end of the game early, 50 explosions for Diabolic edict can blow any strong stronghold, and if your team is in need of disabling, the 3-second slowdown of the Lightning storm is not small at all.

How To Play Leshrac


Early game

At the beginning of the game, Leshrac should check the runes to earn some gold, nothing I went back to mid, and started laning.

With good animation and high starting attack speed, Les can easily last hit/denied even though the hand damage is a bit small (hitting a few moves is familiar). At early levels, just farm freely, there’s no need to harass the enemy because the damage is not big now, moreover, Split earth level 1 with level 2 has a tiny AoE that is easy to miss. Get the Bottle as soon as possible to increase the ability of the tower, harass as well as benefit from runes.

Level 4 onwards, you can freely “swap moves” with enemies in the same lane, but pay attention to the creeping up, otherwise, the enemy roamer will ask you (if you get ganked, you will die. is difficult to run). Sticking to the lane to farm around level 6, level7 bought some basic items and started to gank for the team.

Without Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, you have to calculate a bit of combo because the skill is quite delayed when used. Normally it would be a Lightning storm that causes damage and slow then replenishes Split earth with both damage and stun, hits a few flashes, then steals the Lightning storm a second time, and if the enemy doesn’t die then … stop temporarily excuse it this time.

Diabolic edict deals bonus damage to towers so when pushed you can use it to pull turret health very quickly as long as there are no enemy creeps nearby.

Mid game

Go to mid-game, close the Eul’s Scepter of Divinity because this is a very important item, can be attached to you until late game, it just helps you catch people, perform more accurate combos, moreover. Time towing tools to help you thrust your best in teamfights.

The combo with the whirlwind stick is as follows: Eul’s-scepter of Divinity whirls the target up, then for 2 seconds immediately places Split earth at the foot of the tornado to stun and damage the target and then turns on Pulse nova, pulling Lightning storm to pull the enemy’s health. If the enemy is not dead, keep your distance, spam the spell until they die (or when you run out of mana) then stop. This combo is more fatal if combined with the element of surprise from Blink dagger

When you are crank, turn on Pulse nova and Pulse nova and whirl by yourself, the enemy cannot attack you, and you will continue to burn the spines of those who are waiting at the bottom of the tornado, can eat their lives, bad luck At least you make them a bit inhibited because it wastes 2.5 seconds of life

Leshrac was born to hunt people + push, but this old goat is also a terrorist, so after successful ganks/push, let’s farm again to buy more luxurious items.

Late game

In the late game, you can go split push or hang out with the team (well, stop the illusion, go with the team for you to ask). Leshrac is usually the one who comes in after a teamfight when the initiators are in the lead. Before a fight, you can stand to poke the enemy with Lightning storm

When the fight takes place, turn on Pulse nova and Diabolic edict to limit redundancy while inside the enemy’s heart, then jump Blink dagger to swim in, if you feel danger is still there, whirl yourself up with Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, otherwise, just stand spamming, dancing and spinning up the roof to catch the chicken (prefer the fragile first, keep chasing them to show love). Also, don’t forget to use the items you have purchased to make the most of your ability. After the fight, push the turrets, pull down the enemy’s house.

Also reminds Diabolic edict when pushed deep into the enemy will get entangled with many structures so the damage will be divided. If you want to destroy a building quickly, then stand by and let the effect ring stick to each house.