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Apax Legends – How to play Lifeline in Apex Legends



Like Bloodhound, Lifeline is the support character arguably best suited for newcomers in Apex Legends on PC due to its easy-to-use and simple skill set. The following article will guide you on how to play her extremely useful, let’s explore it now!

Lifeline – The doctor on the battlefield


Lifeline not only takes the role of a doctor with blood supply for teammates, but this character also provides your team with many useful items in the Apex Legends game on PC. In addition, she has the ability to defend in any case. Therefore, this is the character that any team needs.

Combat Medic – Passive of Lifeline

When your teammates are knocked out, activate this skill as she will create a shield in front to shield and revive them. Thanks to that, they have a high chance of surviving. Ideally, you should combine with the shield of the character Gilbralter so your team can revive your teammates fully.

D.O.C. Heal Drone skill


One of her greatest powers comes from her Q, which allows her to create a drone to heal all team members in turn near it.

While slow healing is not the most effective way of fighting, it helps save the cost of other healing items for later use. Because you know, the later on, the more fierce the battle will be, so blood storage is essential.

According to the experience of many players, when fighting, you should throw out the Drone, both shoot the enemy and heal yourself while the enemy can not destroy the Drone.

Care Package – Ultimate

The Care Packages will be called down by the Lifeline from the sky to give allies good gear, increasing their chances of winning. However, anyone who comes first can receive items so you and your partner should take advantage of as soon as possible in the loot phase to receive care package!

In the later stages of Apex Legends on PC, the Ultimate becomes useless when using it, the enemy will know your location. However, you can use it as your shield when needed.

Note When Playing Lifeline In Apex Legends

  • Combat Medic is a passive skill that helps Lifeline gain more shields while saving teammates. Note that this skill doesn’t create a complete shield, only a frontal shield.
  • D.O.C Heal Drone not only buffs all health to all allies, but also any enemies if buffed nearby.
  • Care Package has the ability to summon special Legends items while not opening the chest.
  • Care Package cannot be summoned if she is in a house, cave area.