July 28, 2021


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How To Play Lone Druid In The Carry – Pusher Position

Lone Druid

Lone Druid

Lone Druid: a name that has existed for a long time in the history of world Dota. With the ability to turn the battle into 5vs6, super-powerful push, and super carry, LD is loved by many gosu in the world and put to use very effectively in professional competition, typically Admiral Bulldog.

How To Play Lone Druid – Advantages / Disadvantages

Lone Druid


  • Strong Carry, transforming the battle into 6 to 5
  • Super push, super speed of taking down turrets
  • Strong, difficult to die


  • Need to farm a lot of items to be able to promote strength
  • Extremely difficult to use due to the need for high micro-skills
  • Although strong and difficult to die, they are lethargic, less mobile, easy to be poked and beaten

Skill Table For Lone Druid

Lone Druid

Summon Spirit Bear used to be a scary brand of Lone Druid, but with the current meta, the cub will be kicked down as a disable sword assistant and the main damage dealer will be LD, you can max this skill first or stop at level3 also then increased to another move. Rabid is a booster tool for both dads and kids, so it will be given priority to max 2nd. Savage Roar early game takes 1 point for defense, Ulti True Form at the right level to use Battle Cry for damage and armor or if Not needing damage can be upgraded late after maxing other abilities

About the talent we raise as follows:

  • Talent lv10: now the dad inflicts main damage, so he increases his attack range so that he can fight at a safer distance
  • Talent lv15: it’s still a good idea to choose -8s Savage Roar cooldown to prevent the dad from getting attacked
  • Talent lv20: depending on the situation, if you get a lot of attention from the enemy, you should take +40 attack speed Rabid to heal from afar, but if you are winning, just keep -25s Battle Cry cooldown. stop it
  • Talent lv25: if you get the -25s Battle Cry cooldown in the above talent, then just go ahead and get the magic resist effect to play, otherwise choose 0 Entangling Claws cooldown for the bear.

How To Play Lone Druid

Lone Druid

Early game

At the beginning of the game, you don’t have the ability to fight without your teammates’ support. The main goal is still to farm the basic equipment. Like other pure carries, Lone Druid needs a lot of farming to be able to dominate. You can farm quite safely thanks to Summon Spirit Bear, but be careful with those who can close because LD is quite thin, easy to count the number board. Ask for your support and gank when possible to make your life more comfortable.

Do not forget to use Savage Roar to protect your strength when you are hit, and moreover when you use this skill, the cub will also use it, you will have a huge skill effect area, sometimes you also have You can use this technique to save your teammates’ lives in emergency situations (but pull the hunchback of your bear and scare them, don’t pull the father up to death both father and son). Just farm hard, waiting for the cub to level 3 is not too late.

Mid game

The Radiance meta rush is less popular now, instead, it is the meta rush dmg for LD so LD is quite active in pushing and participating in combat. If your team needs you, don’t hesitate to invest in the Town portal scrolling to go everywhere and scream. First, pull the cub, then turn Rabid on and let it beat and tie, and you just stand behind the bear and throw stones at the victims.

This way of playing is very convincing because the goal is very difficult to escape from the tight grip of both the father and the son. There is one more combo for Lone Druid that is to use True Form then immediately Battle Cry and then return to Druid Form, this way you will get a large amount of hand damage to yourself and the bear, except the first minus the tail is also 4 seconds, but 4 seconds is enough to knock down the bloody daddy, this way usually you do it in a closed place to bring the most surprise, making full use of the short 4 seconds.

Saying that fighting is terrible, but LD still needs to farm a lot to dominate. The priority level for farm + push is 70%, and fights will be 30%.

Late game

Late game Lone Druid will be like a Sniper version 2, but the more advantage is that it has a powerful helper dog that can tank the front line to free your hands to throw rocks. At this stage you should farm near your teammates or all the stick to push the lane, you can split up to push two lanes very well if you can buy Aghanim’s Scepter. In the teamfight, wait for the initiator to open the curtain first and then walk in, drag the bear to kill anyone who is foolish, you are behind throwing stones to eat.

The priority targets in a teamfight are the weak ones first, or you can take care of the enemy by dragging the bear to hit it, and you can hit the guy closest to you. At the end of the game, if you have enough money, invest in the little buffalo bear so that it can take the hit for me to swing and spend some 2k or more gold to buy back when needed.