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Dota Auto Chess: How to play Mage Build

Mage Build

Mage Build

Mage build is probably the most underrated synergy by beginner to intermediate and also the most important skill to understand as you grasp the fundamentals of Auto Chess strategy.

The reason is quite simple: Mages are the only synergy directly against three of the most popular DAC strategies – Elves, Warriors, and Goblins.

Mage Build Strategy Summary

Mage Build

The goal is to get 3 (normal) or 6 (rarer) Mage build and use magic resist reduction to attack AoE on the enemy formation. It is very important to note that the mage’s magic resistance has a large synergy with all magic damage units – Kunkka, Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, etc.

Unlike simpler strategies like Warriors or Goblins, simply buying all the mages you see in the store early on isn’t a viable option. You need to use other synergies to build a solid tank frontline that will carry you into the early and mid-game. You usually want to build a Mage in the mid-late game after you’ve got key units like the Razor or the Shadow Fiend.

Mage Build

1 gold Mage

Winter Wyvern

The Wyvern is the only mage with a defense mechanism – Cold Embrace is extremely powerful, especially compared to high-damage single-target formations (Hunter, Terrorblade, Troll, Assassin squad in one level). It completely suppresses attack damage and heals target allies. This is great for (6) Mage drafts as it will make your very weak frontline slightly stronger and will give your backline Mages more time to use their spells. Wyvern also gives you the option to make (3) a Dragon easier (he is the cheapest and most popular Dragon).

2 golds Mages

Crystal Maiden

Probably the weakest individual unit in the game when it comes to combat. Because of that, you rarely want to include her in your mid header. However, she is said to have the strongest impact on the image formation in the mid-late game. 

Her aura, of course, allows your Mage build to use their spells earlier. Equally important, however, she also lets you use your other AoE modes earlier. Tidehunter, Kunkka, Disruptor, Medusa – all benefited a lot from CM. If your crowd control appears before taking control of the enemy’s mob, this could allow your other mages to attack at least a few enemy units before they can be fully cast their skills.


Puck has the potential to become your third mage if you are trying to hit the mage (3) mage bonus early in the middle of the game. He is a pretty good unit for leveling up lvl2 because his AoE damage is good and he unlocks the ability to use (3) Dragons + (3) Mages at the end of the game. If you already have (3) the mage secured and do not want to continue (6) you can choose to ignore him. 

Place him in a corner so he will throw the Illusory Orb diagonally and hit as many units as possible. Goblin rewards are also quite good if your opening includes Druids and you want to go to (3) Goblin for a more durable battle line.


He’s a great way to get synergy (2) or even (4) Undead, though keep in mind that this is more important for the physical damage squad than the Mage Build. His skill (Frost Shield) is defensive – creating armor for target ally, slowing the attack speed of the attacking enemy, and the pulse dealing small magic damage per second. This ability makes your frontline a little more difficult to kill, but since he doesn’t deal nuclear damage, he doesn’t mix well with the magic resistance bonus.

3 gold Mages


Razor is considered by most players to be the best mage unit and is the key to making (3) the mage worth in the middle of the game. Getting him early (especially over two stars) is what has most players committed to Mage. He has decent attack damage, which means he hits his ultimate incredibly fast and the ultimate itself is absolutely superb – reliable AoE damage. Razor along with Shadow Fiend and Reward (3) Mages is where most of your damage will come in mid-game if you are using Mages. However, because of this, he is often highly disputed and it will be difficult to get him to three stars.


The problem with Lina of the Mage build is her stats are too bad (low DPS) and while her ultimate is strong, it’s not reliable. If she kills a unit with a strong impact, that’s great. However, she can waste it on a low impact unit, a low HP unit that’s going to die, a unit that has used her abilities or worst of all – a unit jumping, which is This makes it inviolable.

That said, she was a long-range human. If you want to get Human synergy, including her might be a great idea as she can silence the enemy frontline spotters before they can be cast. use your ability. Furthermore, her attack DPS increases after using Laguna (because of the Burning Soul). Because this mana item (Void Stone) is quite good for her.

4 golds Mage of Mage build

Mage Build

Keeper of the Light

Great ultimate with large AoE and very high damage, but great attack power, which means it takes a long time to charge it. Playing him together with the Crystal Maiden is a must. This not only helps him charge his ultimate faster but also gives you synergy (2) Humans. In this way, low damage Maiden and KotL attacks become useful as they have a chance of being silenced.

Making Mage Build Work

Early Game

Creating a Mage build that works in the early game usually doesn’t have much to do with Mages. You need a strong frontline first, and this usually comes from Goblins or from Warriors.

Warriors are ideal as you will be able to keep some of your units at the end of the game (like Jugg). Goblins can also be active, but you will most likely sell them off and replace them with late-game disable units. Grab a two-star Ogre as fast if you can – this will help you get (3) Mages rewards faster. You can then sell him or save him for (6) Mages draft.

Mid Game

This is when you usually go to (3) Mage. You can do this fastest with the Maiden & Razor + one. That said, don’t force (3) to upgrade the Mage. A strong frontline is more important at this stage. You can get three mages on lvl6-7. Buy all the Razors, Fiends and Crystal Maidens you get to gain two stars as soon as possible.

Late Game

Start replacing your weaker frontline units with AoE disables like Kunkka, Disruptor, Tide, and more. Decide if you want to access (6) Mage or not – usually you will stay (3) and focus on upgrading, other synergies and disabling AoE units, but you can definitely use (6) Mages if you feel the need for extra explosive damage to win (usually against Nagas).