July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Meepo In The Position Of Ganker – Nuker



Meepo is a hero with interesting gameplay and requires players with extremely high micro abilities to be able to effectively use this hero to spread terror on the enemy otherwise it will be a potential feeder.

Guide To Play Meepo – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Cute and hilarious
  • Outstanding farming ability
  • Gank strong, carry a good team from mid-game to late-game if green
  • Amazing Pusher


  • Too difficult to play requires extreme microphone ability and precision
  • Requires the ability to concentrate highly because it is just a mistake to go to the board to practice counting suddenly
  • Because farming is too fast and strong, so it’s easy to be a team pit because you can eat all 3 lanes 2 jungles
  • Requires very much farm to get important items

Skill Table For Meepo


Newly in, take 1 point Earthbind to have control skills, then maximize Poof because this is the main farming skill and also the main damage of Meepo, then max out Geostrike to deal damage + slow effect. Why maxed Geostrike before Earthbind? Since this guide will cover him casting Blink dagger to gank, Earthbind really only needs 1 point. Ultimate took at levels 3, 12 and 17

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +20 damage, this damage is enjoyed by the baby Meepo and helps to increase farm productivity, deal damage in early game fights
  • Lv15 for +40 Poof damage will be more reasonable because the poof supports both farming and hunting quite well
  • Lv20 takes + 15% better dodge because the -4s Earthbind cooldown is pretty useless on clone
  • Lv25 is best to take +600 HP late. If you can end the game early, you should close Poof for -5 seconds of cooldown, gank stamping loudly.

How To Play Meepo


Early game

At the beginning of the game, you can’t fight, it is best to just gain exp, last hit creeps (if possible). He is a hero that can go mid, safelane or solo offlane, but if you are new to playing, it is best to go safelane to let your teammates protect you, don’t be foolish to do solo laning, after if you are pro, you can go any lane.

You need to level 3 onwards to make life a little more comfortable with 2 Meepo. The way to play now is as follows: you cut a clone into the forest to stack 1 camp (usually a big camp), and the original is left outside the lane to inhale exp with the last hit of soldiers, this just increases the income of gold and exp for you because each clone has the same exp as the original, leveled up with gold in the lane and then ran into the stacked camp, so you have outstripped the opponent in gold and exp to quickly farm.

Get important items, but the jungle is not safe now, you should pay attention if the enemy has stalkers or islands to gank you will easily detect him is stacking camp and give you go to the board as soon as you get the chance

Mid game

Now to mid-game, you have to know the balance between farming creeps and farming enemy heroes. He was born both a great farmer and a very strong ganker thanks to his skill set, omitting any element of it is always a big mistake when playing him.

Before you can farm Boots of Travel, you should cut 1 Meepo into the forest or to another lane to easily roam after eating soldiers or ganking in other lanes, take advantage of the time to continue farming (this way applies when you 3 Meepo or more), moreover as a lifesaving tool for you. Continue to farm lanes, gank and stack camps to farm the next items

Once you have Boots of Travel, you will be able to be in the lane and jungle 24/7, farming with combat without fear of going home all the time, so put the greatest pressure on the enemy in this stage.

Late game

In the late game, his power is also significantly reduced when the enemy’s health is quite thick or there are high magic resist items against your skill damage, the hand damage is not as fast as the hard. Another carry, at this stage you will only have rape support + restraint the enemy, causing a negative effect on the opponent. And since he is quite buff with the combo items Heart of Tarrasque + Aghanim’s Scepter because clones enjoy 100% stats from items, you can become a tanker cum dealer of the team.

Going with the team to fight or split push Meepo can do more with Boots of Travel. He will quickly integrate with the team when needed, look at the game situation to make clever decisions.