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Apex Legends – How to play Mirage in Apex Legends



Mirage is considered the “most hated” character because of his annoying temperament. But that does not mean that he is useless, but this character can help you “immortal” if you know how to play. The following article will help you tame him easily. Let’s explore right away!

Something about the guy Mirage in Apex Legends


Mirage is a general in the offensive character class, he has the same high mobility as Wraith but how to play him is much more transformative. This character can make the enemy indistinguishable from the real thing – fake and not sure if he has actually killed him. That is the strength of the character, if you know how to use him proficiently, it is difficult for anyone to kill you.

The passive skill of Mirage –  Encore

Encore allows players to create his virtual image when attacked in Apex Legends on PC. This skill helps you increase your chances of escaping when you can distract enemies. However, the effect of this technique only lasts about 5 seconds so please pay attention when using it!

Psyche Out skill

Psyche Out is similar to Encore when it can create illusions that charge forward to distract enemies. However, players can actively create illusions rather than passively like Encore. And in particular, only a single illusion is created when you use this technique. To use Psyche Out effectively, you can use it to flee or attack.

To use the Psyche Out skill in Apex Legends on PC, press Q (default).

Ultimate Skill – Vanising Ac

This is a skill that makes him scary, it can help you become invisible, while a series of his copies will distract the enemy. Thanks to that you can escape and turn to attack the opponent spectacularly.

However, it should be noted that his copies will be created at random locations, near Mirage and may be destroyed. Therefore, you should not be too confident in this ability, instead take advantage of the opportunity to have the most accurate nock out.

To activate Vanising Act in Apex Legends on PC, players use the Z key (default).

Note When Playing Mirage

  • Encore doesn’t produce continuous illusions but must have cooldown time.
  • Psyche Out will be used to both attack or flee.
  • Psyche Out just creates a single copy flying forward.
  • Mirage clones can be destroyed by other players.
  • Vanising Act automatically creates his illusions and random locations near him.
  • When using the Vanising Act, he will be invisible but not immortal.