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How To Play Mirana In The Roamer Position – Semi Carry



Mirana is a very interesting hero in Dota2 with a team-hunting game and deadly divine arrow shots that always spread fear and terror to the enemy.

How To Play Mirana – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Easy to the last hit / denied / bleed due to long-range, good animation and high Agi gain
  • Disable for extremely long thanks to the divine Sacred Arrow
  • Become a long-sleeved version of the AM version with the Diffusal Blade combo and the lv20 talent for the enemy mana bar to evaporate quickly
  • Nuke does damage stronger than Starstorm, stronger with Aghanims Scepter
  • Efficient escape using Leap
  • Dirty crotch with Moonlight shadow
  • Just able to build nuker, and can switch to carry if necessary


  • Super low on health (see the starting health with Str according to level)
  • Sacred arrows are difficult to use
  • In general, it’s okay to get the kill team, ganking but being hungry is easy to lose because of lack of level
  • Furniture is needed from intermediate to high end
  • Sacred arrows are easily disarmed from buff removal skills

Skill Table For Mirana


Just take 1 Sacred arrow point at the beginning of the game and then max 2, Starstorm prioritizes maximizing first to cause damage easily and also to farm soldiers, get 1 point Leap at first to increase mobility. Ultimate got the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: when you reach this level, if you feel you need to be more aggressive, take 200 blood to protect yourself, and when the team has a good tanker upline, take 20 damage and shoot
  • Talent lv15: every point is attractive, but you should add speed to Leap to combat better because Mirana can take advantage of the source of hand damage
  • Talent lv20: take mana break for sure, follow the Nac-muscle line, then get the rest
  • Talent lv25: in the presence of you on the other side, of course, the enemy will definitely invest a lot of Sentry wards, Dust of appearance, even Gem of True sight or the youths who specialize in stealth anti, so just choose the rest.

How To Play Mirana

Early game

Sacred arrow is known as a deadly arrow if all the following factors are met: over 1k5 range (synonymous with maximum stun), out of sight of the enemy (so you have to take advantage of terrain, forests, obscure sight to shoot), and the most important thing; hit the victim’s ass. Note these things to do correctly.

Starstorm will drop a second lump on the target closest to Mirana, so if you want to shock the target, you have to make sure it’s closest to you, but if you press close, the odds of being in danger are quite high, consider it first. when making that decision

Leap can be used to dodge some linear projectile skills because you will be invulnerable for a moment as soon as you use the skill. Wait for what? Make use of it, there’s nothing to worry about (though some special ballistic skills can’t be dodged, such as throwing the ping pong of Weed Doc-chi, Lich’s Ulti, …)

Moonlight shadow works like Riki’s invisibility, don’t be confused with other invisibility skill.

Mid game

At this time, Mirana should go with the ganker of the team to gank comprehensively, especially when you have Moonlight shadow, you have to be sure that your opponent does not invest in stealth equipment and has a vision at where you and the team start. gank.

Let’s join the team support to alternate buying wards, especially Sentry wards to detect and destroy the enemy’s eyes, making the gank trip more convenient and the team is not trapped from the enemy. Moonlight shadow is also used to save important team members while they are being ganked, don’t regret it, and let them escape.

In a fight, keep a Sacred arrow for the situation that arises (eg tanker or an initiator on the enemy side jumps into your team to dry the blood for example), 1 hit of the Sacred arrow correctly hits the target needed in this stage. important because it will slow down the enemy’s attack rhythm, help your team shape the situation and organize the comeback in reverse (no need to run too far to get a 4 5 second stun)

Try to both gank and farm in the meantime to have Diffusal Blade gank for more heat if you want to follow the semi-carry, otherwise, cast Aghanims Scepter straight to the Nordic route.

Late game

When the game is late, don’t go to pieces anymore, go with the team, and join the team fight. In the late game, both sides have quite a bit of item and harden a lot, which means that your skills will scratch them, make full use of this subjectivity of the enemy to shoot their mouths by Sacred arrow because at this moment, 3 4 seconds of stun is enough for your team to send off an enemy target sitting behind the keyboard to see the gray screen, the usage is as said: use terrain and trees to cover the road Fly arrows, cover as much as possible.

In the team fight, pay attention to keep the runes and choose a nice position to shoot.

Continue to ensure visibility with the eyes and pay attention to your opponent’s equipment to see if there are anti-stealth items to effectively turn on Mirana ‘s Ulti, have 2k of money on hand for the buyback.