July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Night Stalker As Ganker – Semi Carry

Night Stalker

Night Stalker

Night Stalker is known as the nocturnal of the Dota world with remarkable strength every night, causing a horrifying obsession with the enemy during this time.

How To Play Night Stalker – Advantages / Disadvantages

Night Stalker


  • Simple gameplay, easy to play, easy to win
  • Put great pressure on the enemy team every night
  • Radar hacked the map with Aghanim’s Scepter
  • The late-game can still fight like a real carry


  • Depends a lot at night
  • Born to hunt people, but not able to hunt people, that’s all
  • There is no combat skill, only the night will let you howl
  • Industrious, just stabbed his head and ran straight into the enemy like a crematorium

Skill Table For Night Stalker

Night Stalker

The void is Night Stalker ‘s main damage skill so it will be prioritized first, followed by Hunter in the night to increase the “dog blood” for NS every night, Crippling fear is active at night and up to 5 seconds at level 1 so just taking 1 point initially is enough, then will be maxed, at last, Ulti get the right level

About Talent we have the following:

  • Talent level 10: NS abilities are not short at cast range, so having 100 extra cast range doesn’t give a boost, taking 7 Str for extra buffalo
  • Talent lv15: At night, NS also has more attack speed, and during the day it’s just called farming, moreover at this level, NS’s Ulti is quite fast, so 25 attack speed is not very optimal, take 300 mana to spam The ability is more effective when NS’s mana tank is tiny
  • Talent lv20: NS also doesn’t need movement speed when Darkness is level 3, just wait 30 seconds to continue to click, taking 50 damage to fight better
  • Talent lv25: with 8 seconds reduction in Crippling fear NS can lock the muzzle of any tough young man on the enemy side, Plus 12 armor to defend against money-eaters? Unless they can get the Black King Bar buff from the Crippling fear or the miss-beaten Monkey King Bar, the Crippling fear is enough to stop any insane carry.

How To Play Night Stalker

Early game

You must first determine which lane you go to. Night Stalker is suitable for solo mid or offlaner because he needs a lot of levels to be able to hunt humans, there are some special cases where he can lane, take advantage of last hit a few creeps and wait for level6 to gank (but as a double lane player level rush is slow so you better go solo)

Lane with NS is also simple. With high starting damage and difficult to die buffalo (just look at the health bar with its armor, you know) so NS’s farming ability is very good, and the chance of dying of NS when laning is quite low.

Just take advantage of the last hit / denied in this period, you don’t need to be aggressive, wait until level 6 and then night falls, ask each other’s health later. Sometimes if you have more mana, give your lane partner 1 shot of Void and then stand to the last hit again, but wait for the Void to reach level 2 3, then use it because at that time the damage will be a bit bigger, but lv1 won’t get much health

If you go offlane, sometimes you clear bounty runes, if you go mid, buy Bottle early and check the runes in the river to get some income + increase the ability to keep the lane as well as prick the enemy hero’s health with Void.

Mid game

At this stage, scream your support guys + roamer team and go hunting hard, especially when night falls or Darkness’s ultimate is ready, but remember to always follow the Town portal scroll in your body for the sake of roaming the lane.

To effectively gank without being noticed by the enemy, the best way is to have a few Smoke of deceits available to avoid enemy wards and call the deward supers often, this is very important to NS because if Missing gank will spend a lot of money and exp for him during this period. The coordination is also very simple: if it is at night, throw the target for the Crippling fear so that they can silence and do nothing, then close in and snatch the Void in the face of the bad guy then you + guys screaming like that tempting victims when they’re desperate.

With the light on, activate the Ulti and do the same. However, the above method of attack can also be improvised, for example, the enemy team has a conservative guy who has a certain disable skill, give it the priority to give it the Crippling fear and then count it with the victim. while the security guard stood helplessly watching his teammates get mercilessly out.

After the bloody ganks, get 1 item to increase your damage/strong and then at the end of the mid-game do Aghanim’s Scepter. Why not buy Aghanim’s Scepter early? The justification here is that if you buy Aghanim’s Scepter early, you are quite dependent on your teammates to go hunting because Night Stalker absolutely doesn’t have any damage-boosting items so he can end.

Late game

At the late game, we should not go alone anymore, just go with the team for combat

You already know how terrible NS is capable of possessing Aghanim’s Scepter, right? Continuing to apply the guise of isolating the area and forcing the opponent to go to a place that benefits your team is the art of playing this blue batman.

When the team fight takes place, in addition to the ability to give unrestricted visibility to the whole team, the Night Stalker ‘s second most powerful team fight skill is the Crippling fear with a silence time of up to 8 seconds if used in the night, and the effects. Defeating miss is the same time, 1 shot Crippling fear on the right target of the enemy will help you to secure your chances of winning in the team fight, moreover, with the level 25 talent reduced by 8 seconds during the Crippling fear (if you have increased points for this skill) will help you lock 1 at 2 guys in just 4 seconds.

The priority targets to use the Crippling are the nukers, initiators, and the enemy support teams because usually carry the enemy team at the moment already buying the Black King Bar so don’t put it into it to waste the work, as long as it runs out. 

If the spell is infected, it is not too late to throw it in the face, it should be noted if the enemy party uses Eul’s Scepter of Divinity to solve the debuff or not to leave this group out and stuff someone else. After you have selected the targets for the Crippling fear, you will target the most powerful guys in the enemy team to torture them, quickly eliminate them from the team fight.