July 28, 2021


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How To Play Ogre Magi Dota 2 Powerful Mages

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi

When it comes to heroes with a variety of play styles in Dota 2, the name Ogre Magi is not so strange. This is a hero with relatively high magic power and the amount of health when maxed out is also very large. One of the best magic heroes in Dota 2. This is also a powerful mage that can play defensively or safely. The main dame heroes in your squad can be assured when paired with him.

This hero will ensure that both will survive the teamfight but also gain a few kills to save. However, the skills that this hero is equipped with are quite a high risk. If you are a player who does not have a red number, does not have much luck, do not play this hero.

Advantages from the skills of Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi

The heroes are forced to build along the magic path as this hero. The strengths of the skill set are what help them win each teamfight. The advantages include the following:

The health is massive and even faster than some tank heroes in the game. Ogre Magi possesses a large amount of early game health, which can be said to be the main tank for early and late-game fights. The player of this hero often builds semi tank ap to fully exploit the ability to cast powerful skills.

The ability to designate the whole thing is a single target, but the range is short so it must be approached to hit. It can be seen that his miss rate is completely zero. The hero’s attacks will fly straight into the opponent’s mouth if teased. So don’t be fooled by those holding this hero!

The ability to control the enemy is very strong with two disable moves and the speed of recovery of these two moves is very fast. If you are a gamer who is going with him, you will definitely be inhibited. With his skills, even if it is close enough, it is difficult to damage this hero.

Besides he is also a hero voiced quite interesting. Players can directly experience these humorous sounds when playing two-headed mage Ogre Magi Dota 2.

Disadvantages from his skills and power

Ogre Magi

Considered to have many advantages, this hero still has many disadvantages. Those disadvantages are mainly expressed in some following aspects:

Poor mobility is his first weakness. This is why he is often the target of all enemy heroes. With his great body Ogre Magi despite having great resistance, a lot of health. But really this hero can hardly block the attacks that enemies hit on him.

Mana’s salary is always in shortage because his skills consume a lot of mana. This champion must spend a lot of time to restore mana to continue the battle. You can improve the hero’s mana regeneration rate through a number of support items.

The downside is also his advantage. That is the luck that comes from my divine skill set. If you’re lucky you will make the most of this skill set. If not, there will be plenty of onions to eat during the game.

Some tips on how to play Ogre Magi Dota 2

This based-on-luck mage will have a number of options depending on the stage you can apply to improve your situation. These tips will be as follows:

Use the Orb of Venom item with Ogre Magi ‘s second skill Ignite. This is a basic tip to help “young people” want to gank your way.

Raise the max for Fireblast’s second move after raising all points for Ignite. This skill will contribute to creating dame shocks to the enemy.

Continue to give yourself a point for your third skill, Bloodlust. This skill will help you become more mobile before the attacks of other players.

In addition, items such as Clarity, Tango, Observer ward, or Animal Courier will be indispensable items for the first steps in the game.