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How to play Omen Valorant character effectively

How to play Omen

How to play Omen

Omen is unlike any other agent in Valorant, all of the character’s abilities are designed to change vision, space, and time to hide from enemies. No one knows where he came from and who he was before falling into darkness. But does that make him one of Future Earth’s most dangerous assassins?

How to play Omen

How to play Omen

How to Use Omen’s Skills Most effectively?

The key to making Omen’s complex skills work effectively is through combining them. Combining skills gives the character the ability to move, evade, and incredible flexibility throughout the match.

Shrouded Step can be used in combination with Dark Cover or Paranoia to give him the opportunity to attack the left-wing or approach enemies at close range. By throwing the Dark Cover at the desired position, he can teleport inside the smoke to hide and move to any position he wants. Similar to Paranoia, he can reduce an enemy’s vision, teleport into a certain position, and then freely finish off the enemy or escape a dangerous situation. The Shrouded Step is less effective when used alone as when combined with other skills. Therefore, players need to find out which combo works best to maximize the use of characters.

Similar to the Shrouded Step, using Dark Cover with Ultimate, From the Shadow gives the character an impressive map control. Be sure to master this ability to control space and perform some powerful flank maneuvers.

Some Omen Tips In Valorant That You Need To Know

How to play Omen

Unlike Brimstone’s Sky Smokes, his Dark Cover is completely hollow inside and your vision is not reduced by any effect. Making smoke created by Dark Cover lasts for 11 seconds.

Using the minimap is necessary when using the Dark Cover. The marker allows you to see the exact destination of the smoke ball, as well as its trajectory.

Dark Cover can be used multiple times in one round. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

One of the most powerful and popular uses of the Shrouded Step is to go to a higher position. It works well with Sage’s Barrier.

Enemies nearby can hear the sound of movement while using the Shrouded Step.

The Shrouded Step can also be used to traverse monitored areas without the enemy knowing. As long as the enemy is far enough away to not hear and as long as you remain undetected, the enemy has no way of knowing that you are on the opposite side from where they think you are snooping.

Paranoia can cover a maximum distance of about 30 meters – not as far as the Dark Cover, but still enough to cover most corridors and long walkways on any map.

Looking at his skills, some people think that the character is suitable to work alone, but that is not true at all. His strength is best exerted when teamed with teammates by the character who acts as the harasser of the enemy squad and creates a turning point in cases when things don’t go right.

In general, Omen is a strong Agent and if you can use the character’s skills to deceive or reduce the confidence of the enemy, you can lead your team to a victory that seems to be can not be achieved.