July 27, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Outworld Devourer In The Carry – Nuker Position

Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer (also known as OD) is a great hero both literally and figuratively. With excellent lane control and “fools for the fool” from his super perverted skill set, OD is now returning to the professional arena and gradually asserting his position.

How To Play Outworld Devourer – Advantages / Disadvantages

Outworld Devourer


  • Stats of all 3 stats when starting and gain per level are extremely high compared to an Int type hero
  • The animation is delicious, base damage is high so last hits are easy
  • Super strong roadside thanks to the absolute skill set of lane control and the ability to steal Int from the Arcane orb
  • Like a God in the game from mid-game to late game


  • Short attack rate compared to 1 long sleeve hero
  • Need to reach high levels to promote effective skills
  • Strongly countered by heroes who can burn mana, disarm, and silence
  • Clocked entire muzzle when the enemy has magic immunity resistance
  • The late-game strength is slightly decreased
  • The skillset consumes mana like water

Skill Table For Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer

Arcane orb only needs to take 1 point at the beginning, with the mana cost like its water, you will quickly run out of mana if you max level. Max out 2 skills, Astral Imprisonment, used to gank early, farm, harass … and Essence aura, extremely important to maintain Outworld Devourer ‘s mana and teammates’ long-term. In the end, ultimate just got the right level.

About Talent:

  • Lv10 takes +250 Mana to increase the damage to the Arcane orb
  • Lv15 takes 20 attack speed to fire the Arcane orb faster, taking more Intelligence
  • Lv20 depends, if you can still teach stupid as you like, take +15 Intelligence to fire more effectively, but if you are a bit stuck in the gore problem, choose +275 Health to not fret about getting up later. buffalo builders
  • Lv25 should take + 8% damage output for Outworld Devourer to help shoot more pain in Late game if your team often plays poke combat (hit and run) and does not focus on hitting fast and winning quickly, choose +60 steal time Int gives the Arcane orb to make the opponent dumb for a long time

How To Play Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer

Early game

Check runes and return to mid, now just need to last hit/denied smoothly, long enough mana can be punched in the face of an enemy hero with Arcane orb, but don’t overdo it, just do it when the spell level of Arcane orb and Essence aura is 2 or above to ensure the mana in the lane. The only thing that helps you effectively harass the enemy is Astral Imprisonment, which not only helps you to farm well.

You can bury the creeps or hit the enemy hero as you like, but if the enemy hero is a ranged with a longer range than you, then jogging in to cover the skill is very prison. It’s best to just use this skill to farm and create space for yourself to farm. You hit a few creeps that hit the distance a few times for each one to drop to about half the health bar, and then put the one down the fastest.

Then again punched the long-arm creep again. The Astral Imprisonment explodes when you collect a lot of gold.

Just stick around in the mid, farm to level 7 8 and go gank

Mid game

Once you have reached the level required, it is time to go hunting for the enemy’s life. Outworld Devourer hits the enemy very badly, of course, thanks to the Arcane orb and the sustained high mana from Essence aura (unless the max mates keep hitting it back and forth from the aura).

Puck the nearest guy, punch its mouth with an Arcane orb, if you feel that the opponent has the ability to run but the teammates have not yet arrived, immediately shoot Astral Imprisonment to hold the opponent, and if it is in the basket, shoot Astral Imprisonment The sentence drags the time to wait for the teammates to come if you die it will cause a bit of inhibition to the enemy when it makes them take more than 4s of life.

Once she stole many Ints, waiting released her ultimate with as many guys as possible. After Gank, pushes the enemy’s Tier 1 turrets and then replaces the farm, OD needs to have more core items in this phase to maintain the strength late. Remember to call the support/roamer of the team to ensure vision to be able to farm and gank peacefully during this stage.

Late game

At the end of the game, the team will lack a large source of damage to the single farm to eat pieces alone.

In teamfights, let the initiator open first and then go in because some enemy heroes have bought bkb now so they haven’t come out yet. stupid people and Outworld Devourer is getting smarter and smarter, when you feel that you have eaten a lot of Int, this is the time you finish the game with a blast of Sanity’s Eclipse on the entire enemy roster when core heroes have exhausted their bkb’s potency.

With the late game item Hurricane Pike you can take advantage of 4 shots with unlimited distance to steal some Int before safely entering the teamfight. In the teamfight, remember to pay attention to the standing position, limit the disabled so you can free your hands to release, beat people who are stupid.

Astral Imprisonment, do not pay attention to what its damage does, pay attention to 4 seconds of imprisonment, enough for you to completely remove an enemy member from the game. Use it on dangerous heroes but do not have enemy bkb (mostly nukers, initiators, and some special supports that have the ability to turn over the team) or to pull and save teammates in situations. endangered (for example it is being cornered, raped by Legion Commander with Duel, …), used to dodge dangerous skills