July 28, 2021


Game CMD 368

How To Play Phantom Assassin “Fire In The Hole” Style

Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin

Once the mechanics of the Stifling Dagger are changed, there will definitely be new tricks for Phantom Assassin to play with.

Guide To Play Phantom Assassin – Advantages / Disadvantages

Phantom Assassin


  • The ability to adapt to guests is very strong, luck can have 1 network 1 (with this build, 1 click can have many networks)
  • Easy to play, easy to win
  • Play grenade Phantom Assassin quite safe because most people just stand from the distance bem Stifling dagger


  • Depends heavily on teammates to be able to farm the huge number of items the guide mentions
  • Quite difficult when facing mobile assassins
  • The gameplay is quite foolish when you only know how to stand for 6s a second

Skills Table For Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin

Stifling dagger is the main skill of farming and dealing damage of Phantom Assassin so it will be favored to max first, then depending on the situation we increase points for Blur or Phantom strike. If the enemy is less maneuverable or uses a lot of vegetarian attacks, you should accrue points for Blur, and if in the remaining case, just max Phantom strike next. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: with the game of standing far away throwing grenades, you can take 15 dmg plus straight for PA, but if you are a person who likes to dry blood, take 150 health
  • Talent lv15: take 10% of blood suction to compensate for regen ability, and save 1 slot of the item to buy blood suction
  • Talent lv20: take whatever you want. In case you want to play for sure, get 10 stats, and if the team cover is good, just take 35 attack speed to actively fight
  • Talent lv25: get 2 knives for her, make sure to eat 2 knives with splash dmg effect of Battle Fury is the enemy team with an only serious injury or waiting to respawn.

How To Play Phantom Assassin

Early game

Early Game is a period of really careful play, Phantom Assassin has a very thin amount of blood, not to mention it is melee. If caught by strong Hero shock damage like [h zeus], ​​Pudge, Queen of Pain, then he will surely die. You can go to the mid, but if the team has a guarantee, go to the safe lane for good.

Take last hits to earn income, use Stifling dagger to farm distant creeps, even when you are pressed close to the tower, you can also farm with this skill due to fast recovery time and mana cost not too high, long itchy Hand can bem for guys in lane 1 to avoid hate. Because now there is a new option called Infused Raindrop, you can easily survive when traveling in a lane with hordes of spell damage from 3 minutes onwards when this equipment starts selling at the shop.

Limit fighting before you get the Battle Fury, but in case you have already bought it, you should also participate in a smart fight, just kill, avoid getting caught and die stupid lol. The death and money feed is very taboo because PA according to this build will need a lot of money to buy things.

Mid game

This stage, although her damage is quite large, to roll around in the teamfight to earn rice is not very feasible. Your main goal is still to farm and push the road, you should just lick and dredge combat, not actively curious to follow the ganker guys throughout the mid-game. Can divide farming time and combat time into 80:20. Owning Battle Fury will enhance the ability to farm and push the path of the Phantom Assassin, helping you rush the remaining things faster

Once you have the 2nd Battle Fury tree, now your danger has increased significantly, you should balance farming time is 50 and combat time is 50 for it evenly. Before fighting, take a few shots Stifling dagger enemy structure, if lucky, you will get a few crit flashes, make sure the enemy does not die also seriously injured, it is best to throw the creep next to the enemy hero, in the case without creeps, you should always hit the hero who is at the top of the waves, making sure the splash damage will cause the crowd behind you to fight like cattle and poultry slaughtered.

Once you have configured quite a lot of enemy blood, ask the tanker/initiator to rush to attract attention or open the team fight, then you just need to use the Phantom strike to scavenge the rest.

Late game

Phantom Assassin

Late Game is the stage where you should join the team, her power shines brightest at the time of Late Game. With more items and networth than rivals, it’s really hard for PA to prevent and spread destruction on weak fates. With just a knife to fly, and a slash or a lucky knife.

PA can send off the enemy team on the board if they stand close to each other. What kind of knife, I said in the mid-game, the rest depends on your accommodation (luck is a crit, bad luck is spraying). You can refer to “hack” crit in this article to improve the ability to throw “grenades”.

Store in the range of 2k to buy back easily, Phantom Assassin has skillset quite fast so don’t be afraid to buy back then there’s no one to play.